• Chances are, you use Instagram and other social media platforms in your life. That may be for personal use, like sharing yet another picture of your fur baby. Or it could be for professional use, like promoting your business or the company you work for in a social media role. However, unless you are, in fact, a marketing professional in… [Continue Reading]

    How To Turn Your Instagram Account Into A Valuable Resource
  • When it comes to budgeting, many of us need help developing and adhering to it. We make a budget and end up dropping it a couple of weeks in. We sometimes may even use inaccurate information to calculate our expenses. In the end, we wind up spending more than we make, forcing ourselves to use next month’s budget. This calls… [Continue Reading]

    How To Budget Your Money
  • Similar to a usual business venture, the e-commerce biz has its highs and lows. Any business owner would want to optimize capital expense, faster return on investment, and run a solid e-commerce operation. Now that a business plan is in place and a BeProfit profit tracker has been set up for expense and budget tracking, the next goal is to… [Continue Reading]

    5 Common E-Commerce Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Should Know
  • Keeping your finances on track should always be a priority. But it becomes even more vital right now after learning some lessons from the pandemic. Nothing matters more than cutting expenses and saving dollars today. There are several ways to do it, but you may struggle to see them. Even worse, you may have accumulated some things and habits that… [Continue Reading]

    3 Things To Give Up Now To Get Your Finances Back On Track
  • If you are looking ahead to the matchup between the best professional baseball teams, you know that serving the ultimate spread makes for even better game watching. Just like many professional sports viewings, the World Series calls for a variety of delicious food that is easy to eat and easy to feed a crown. Papa John’s has a menu that… [Continue Reading]

    World Series Party Must-Haves (Hint: More Cheese!)

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