9 locations hosting artists this weekend

Photo by Curt Knoke Bob Kloes will be opening up his studio in Seymour to the public for the sixth annual Miles of Art festival on Saturday and Sunday. Nine sites make up this year’s tour.

Photo by Curt Knoke A cutting board and measuring spoons by Seymour artist Bob Kloes are among some of the things visitors to Miles of Art will see this year. More than 45 artists are participating in the sixth annual festival.

A few more miles will be added to this year’s Miles of Art with one venue returning after a brief hiatus and a new site being added to the mix.

Miles of Art started in 2011 to show off Shawano County’s artistic side. The festivals nine venues, which will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, are hosting multiple artists, not only from the local country roads but also from all over the state.

“I know that we have some great people here, and I want them to be showing work in Miles of Art, but I also want to tie us into the larger world as we know it,” said Simon Levin, one of the coordinators for Miles of Art. “I know people are looking forward each year to the Miles of Art tour. They’re thinking, ‘I can’t wait to see what they’re doing this year.’”

The newest site is outside Shawano County. Bob Kloes will open his studio in Seymour to show the woodworking skills he uses to make beautiful furniture and other accessories.

“We’re really pleased to have him,” Levin said. “The quality of his work is lovely. It’s stunning, and it’s highly crafted.”

Levin acknowledged he and the Miles of Art committee hope to attract more people from the Appleton area by having a starting point a little closer to home for them.

Miles of Art is also partnering with the Trout Museum of Art in Appleton. While the museum is not on the tour, its representatives will visit the artists to purchase pieces for the museum’s permanent collection, according to Levin.

“We are using some of the funds we raised for the event to basically empower the Trout Museum and give them a shopping spree,” Levin said. “In that way, we’re supporting the Trout Museum, but we’re also supporting our local artists and providing a strong connection.”

College of Menominee Nation is back as a venue after being absent from last year’s event. Levin said the college will host 10 artists in its Cultural Learning Center.

“They do a great job with not only traditional Native crafts but also music and food,” Levin said. “Each site has a different flavor and feeling.”

Levin is once again opening his rural Gresham studio, Mill Creek Pottery, to the public. Other Gresham sites are the Old Feed Mill, Shanti’s Art Gallery in the downtown area and David Aschenbrener’s studio east of the village.

Other sites for Miles of Art are the WOWSpace in downtown Wittenberg, Woodlands Studio in Shawano and the David Rand Memorial Site in the town of Wescott.

Last year was the first that Miles of Art stood on its own without any state tourism grant funding, and there was a rumor that the festival would end. Levin, however, said this year will be a comeback year with the additional sites and new artists providing reasons for some former attendees to return.

“With Bob Kloes and the new people he’s bringing in, we’re adding a few more artists to this year’s event,” Levin said. “The quality has increased along with that.”


The nine venues for the 2016 Miles of Art:

• Old Feed Mill

WHERE: Pleasant Street, Gresham

FEATURED ARTISTS: Gayle Bogdanowitz, pottery; John and Joeleen Jeske, carved gourds; Judi Raddant and Donna Utke, basketry; Larry Marcks, woodcarving; Tom Hughes, woodturning; Kate Boucher, mixed media

• Shanti’s Art Gallery

WHERE: 1146 Main St., Gresham

FEATURED ARTIST: Shanti Bennett, multimedia painting

• Aschenbrener Studio

WHERE: W10181 Cherry Road, Gresham

FEATURED ARTISTS: David Aschenbrener, bronze casting; Larry Roberts, abstract paintings; Mark Winter, painted steel sculptures; Wes Hunting, handblown glass

• Mill Creek Pottery

WHERE: W11561 Mill Creek Road, Gresham

FEATURED ARTISTS: Simon Levin and Ian Connors, wood-fired pottery; Didem Mert, Jacob Meer and Meghan Sullivan, pottery; Nancy Korth, ceramic dolls and pottery; Paula Fernandez, Menominee jewelry and crafts; Steve Rolf, functional pottery

• WOWSpace

WHERE: 114 Vinal St., Wittenberg

FEATURED ARTIST: Hans Schmitt, photography

• David Rand Memorial Site

WHERE: N4933 Pine Lane, Shawano

FEATURED ARTISTS: David Rand and Dennis Zopp, pottery; Cynthia Weisflock and Michealcq LaRonge, jewelry; Doug Rand, photography; Heather Peterman, acrylic painting; Jeremy Pyatskowit, woodturning

• Woodlands Studio

WHERE: 116 W. Division St., Shawano

FEATURED ARTISTS: Ben Grignon, traditional Menominee craft; Linda T. Grignon, clay and bronze; Laurie Boyer, fabric; Woodbody, mixed media.

• College of Menominee Nation

WHERE: N172 State Highway 47-55, Keshena

FEATURED ARTISTS: Renny Katchenago, contemporary Native American woodland art; Jennifer Stevens, pottery and painting; Terri O’Connor, pastels/acrylic; Jiannie Church; fabric art; and Virginia Crow, jewelry; Loretta Webster, raised beadwork; Richard Isham, Sr., Scott Hill, Sandra Wescott Gauthier and Lori Beth Besaw

• Bob Kloes’ Woodworking Studio

WHERE: N7193 Ballard Road, Seymour

FEATURED ARTISTS: Bob Kloes, woodworking; Joan Javi, acrylic and mixed media; Lamont Kraft, photography

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