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Current sheriff providing public outreach

To the editor:

I write in support of Sheriff Adam Bieber for another four-year term as sheriff of Shawano County. I was fortunate to be invited by Sheriff Bieber to participate in the second class of the Shawano Sheriff Citizens Academy. It gave me an excellent insight into Sheriff Bieber’s vision for the future of Shawano County. He is to be commended for his public outreach programs and the innovative ideas he has implemented in the department.

I came away from the academy with a much better appreciation for what our sheriff’s department is charged with for safeguarding the citizens of Shawano County and the methods employed to accomplish the task. They have an extremely difficult and dangerous job, and I commend Sheriff Bieber and all his deputies for accomplishing it.

I have seen Sheriff Bieber’s vision for the future and endorse the direction he is taking the department. Shawano County must have enlightened leadership if they are to deal with the challenging issues facing us, and Bieber is providing it. I don’t believe we can take the Sheriff’s Department back to a “bygone era.” The challenges facing us require innovative approaches to solving them and Bieber has the skill set to accomplish them.

Sheriff Bieber has earned my trust for another four-year term. I encourage you to vote on Aug. 14 for Sheriff Adam Bieber.

Larry Romuald,

Belle Plaine