3 Bears set to continue athletic careers

Boldt, Wussow, Cairns sign letters

Bonduel High School seniors Colin Wussow, Jordan Boldt and Dalton Cairns signed letters of intent Monday to continue their athletic careers in college.

Wussow will be playing football at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls; Boldt is set to wrestle at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point; Cairns will continue basketball at Marian University in Fond du Lac.

“It’s very special,” Wussow said. “It was a goal I set for myself when I was growing up, to play in college. So it’s kind of surreal that it’s actually happening.”

For Wussow, football started with his earliest memories.

“I can remember tossing the ball around as a toddler on the farm and watching the Packers as a kid, and I just absolutely loved the sport,” he said.

Wussow locked in on the mindset to play football in college in middle school and made sure his athletic involvement in high school served that purpose.

“As I grew up, I knew I wasn’t going to be the biggest or the tallest, but I knew if I put my time into it I’d have a chance at making it happen, so everything I did in high school was to make me better to give me a better chance of playing in college,” he said. “I switched to wrestling my freshman year, instead of basketball, because that helps more with football. Things like that, I just put all of my effort towards what would make me better.”

Wussow said River Falls was a natural fit for him.

“It’s one of the top agricultural programs in the state and it’s close to home, so it was a perfect for me,” he said. “It’s going to be fun. I’m one of the only kids in the area going there, so I won’t know anybody and I’m excited to see what a fresh start is like. It’ll be kind of weird not knowing anyone, but I’m excited to dive into new territory.”

Boldt just won the WIAA Division 3 state championship at 126 pounds, but to him, his growth in the sport is just beginning.

“It’s a whole different mindset,” Boldt said. “Everyone you’re wrestling is really good, there are no mediocre wrestlers. So it’ll be kind of like starting fresh with how different they train and how I’m going to wrestle on the mat.”

Boldt made the decision to pursue wrestling long-term at the start of his high school career.

“I used to be really big into playing basketball growing up, but I was playing and wrestling at the same time through middle school and it just became too much for me,” Boldt said. “Freshman year, I knew I had to decide between the two, so I chose wrestling because I knew I was better at that. I knew I could go farther in wrestling as an individual sport than I would in basketball. So I’ve just put everything I had into it since then.”

For Cairns, the decision to play wasn’t as set in stone.

“It was hard to make the decision,” Cairns said, “I wasn’t sure if I should really do it, but I talked about it with my friends and they helped me decide. It was always a far-out dream to play college ball somewhere, whether it was basketball or football, so it’s really awesome that I get to continue. I love sports, so I’m excited to bring my abilities to another school and hopefully contribute the best I can.”