Don’t blame guns; blame people

It is incomprehensible to any normal human being, why anyone would deliberately choose to massacre other innocent human beings. Yet it continues to happen at alarming rates.

As emotional human beings, the automatic knee-jerk reaction for many is to look for a simple, quick solution or focus for the blame. For others, it’s a chance to push or advance a personal political agenda.

My wife drives a Ford Escape. It’s classified as an SUV, currently a very popular segment of the automotive industry. What if she deliberately drove it into a crowd of innocent people, killing and injuring many? Would thousands of people all over the country be demanding we ban or eliminate all Ford Escapes, or all SUVs? Of course not!

When a gun is used by an insane, crazy person to do something similar, the anti-gun battle cry resumes.

Many emotional people will say, “That vehicle was not designed to kill people like guns are!” To which I will point out, guns are not designed or owned by most people primarily to kill people. They are designed for numerous legal, lawful and enjoyable purposes, including but not limited to protecting ourselves, loved ones and property from bad people.

It’s a lot easier to blame an inanimate object for our problems than to face the facts that there are a lot of really bad people in the world, and we need to find better ways to identify them and protect innocent, good people from them.

According to the news media, the person accused in the latest Florida school tragedy had 39 recent negative contacts with law enforcement. In addition, he was making public threats to harm people and do many bad things that should have been acted on prior to the now infamous shooting.

We’re soft on crime in this country because we’ve “evolved” to giving criminals all kinds of rights. Many bad people successfully take advantage of “the system” to get released or ignored so they can continue or increase their negative impacts on society and its innocent law-abiding citizens.

The changes we need to make to improve our society are to get tougher on all kinds of crimes, identify “bad people” and take action quicker to prevent them from harming or inconveniencing innocent law-abiding citizens.

It may not be easy or instant, but it’s pretty simple!

Michael Duffy,

Green Bay