Never a better time to adopt a cat

The Shawano County Humane Society’s mission is to improve and save the lives of domestic animals through compassionate care, community engagement and advocacy for animals.

This year the shelter has received a very large influx of cats/kittens. Normally, there are two times a year litters are born; this year, due to the mild weather, there were three. Right now, the shelter has more cats/kittens than any time in the past.

Due to the number of felines currently in the shelter, the society has an ambitious goal. They would like to find a loving home for as many of them as possible. The shelter is full and room is needed for animals that come in on a daily/weekly basis.

The Shawano County Humane Society is a non-profit organization that operates on donations and fundraisers. The shelter recently received a generous and much appreciated bequeath from the estate of Lois Kruse. Lois’s generosity has given the society an opportunity to eliminate the usual cost of approximately $125 to adopt a cat. The program will begin on Monday and continue for a limited period of time.

If you are interested in giving a kitten or adult cat a loving home at no cost, stop in to the Humane Society located at 1290 Jaycee Ct., Shawano, to complete an adoption application.

One of the most important goals of the society is to ensure every animal released from the shelter is going to a loving and caring home. Our adoption application asks applicants who rent for their property owner’s name and contact information. A follow up call is made to the landlord to ensure pets are allowed.

Office staff also checks the State of Wisconsin Circuit Court website to see if there have been any instances of domestic or animal abuse. No animals will be adopted to applicants who have incidents in their past which could compromise the safety and well-being of the pet.

The application also asks for veterinarian information from those applicants who have or who have had a pet in the past. The veterinarian is contacted to ensure pets have been properly cared for.

All of the cats adopted will be spayed/neutered and will have had vaccines, snap test and an ID chip. If an owner had to pay for these costs on their own, it would cost up to $200. The shelter gets a discount and pays between $140-$150, which is why there is normally a charge just to cover expenses.

Thanks again to community donors. Without your help the society could not offer special programs nor could they provide the special care and clean safe temporary living conditions for these abandoned and lonely animals.

There are so many reasons to consider adopting a cat.

Cats are naturally independent and require little supervision.

Although they are able to care for themselves, they are warm and cuddly.

They keep themselves clean.

They take little training to figure out how to use their litter box.

They are avid hunters who will keep the bugs and unwanted critter population down.

They will entertain you with their playfulness.

They will give you unconditional love.

They are a perfect couch potato companion.

By adopting a cat, you are freeing up much needed shelter space.

Research shows owning a cat has been attributed to lowering blood pressure. The mere act of stroking a cat for a few minutes has been shown to release feel good endorphins in the brain.

They’re awesome. They are adorable, loving and will help to make your house a home.

Please head on down to the Shawano County Humane Society to take home your new best friend, free of charge. It’s a win-win!

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Clothesline Conversation Answer: Carl A. Peters

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