Revised numbers show different story on report cards

Area school districts, save one, pass state standards

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(Editor’s note: A report in the Nov. 22 edition of The Shawano Leader relied on inaccurate information released by DPI in its initial press release on Tuesday. Many school districts informed the Leader that the DPI numbers provided were from the 2015-16 school year and not the 2016-17 school year. Upon further discovery, it was determined that incorrect numbers were provided. The Leader was furnished with updated numbers Friday. We apologize for the errors and any confusion that might have been caused by them.)

Area school districts are making the grade, with the exception of one, according to corrected information by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

Bonduel, Clintonville, Pulaski and Wittenberg-Birnamwood school districts all received four-star ratings out of a possible five. Shawano, Bowler, Gresham, Marion and Tigerton school districts received three-star ratings, the minimum needed to meet the requirements outlined by the state.

Only one school district, Menominee Indian, received a less-than-passing score. The district received a two-star rating.

Three individual schools received five-star ratings, indicating they are significantly performing above state standards. Bonduel Elementary School had a score of 87.3 out of 100 points. Hillcrest Elementary School in the Pulaski district scored 85.5 points, and Rexford-Longfellow Elementary School in Clintonville scored 83, the minimum score needed for a five-star rating.

A majority of schools earned three-star ratings, while schools receiving four stars were Bonduel Middle School, Clintonville Middle School, Marion Elementary School, Fairview Elementary School, Glenbrook Elementary School, Lannoye Elementary School, Sunnyside Elementary School, Birnamwood Elementary-Middle School and Wittenberg Elementary-Middle School.

Five schools received two-star ratings, including high schools in Bonduel, Bowler, Clintonville and Marion. Shawano Community Middle School also received two stars.

Only two schools received a one-star rating, which means they are failing to meet the state standards. Those schools are Keshena Primary School and Menominee Indian High School.

The Shawano School District has set a goal for all of its schools, and the district itself, to achieve four-star ratings by 2021.

“We continue to review results to celebrate the growth and achievement of our students and to determine where we need to focus and improve,” said Kelley Strike, the district’s curriculum, instruction and assessment director. “Overall, we are disappointed with our results.”

As examples, Strike pointed out the drop in math achievement in its elementary grades, as well as a need to close gender, poverty and racial gaps at the middle school. She noted that the high school saw an increase in its overall score.

Pulaski Community School District Superintendent Bec Kurzynske was very pleased that the district and five of its seven schools received four stars or more.

“I am proud of the achievement of our students and the efforts and dedication of our staff, which is reflected in the report cards as a one of many indicators of student and system success,” Kurzynske said. “The PCSD will continue to focus using assessment for learning, of learning and as learning to enhance our professional practice and student learning.”

According to the DPI, 82 percent of schools graded had three or more stars, and 95 percent of the districts had three or more stars.

The school report cards included voucher schools in the area, but all three — St. James Lutheran School in Shawano, St. Paul Lutheran School in Bonduel and St. Martin Lutheran School in Clintonville — had incomplete marks because their student counts were below the number necessary for an accurate assessment.


School districts

Two stars: Menominee Indian (60.9)

Three stars: Shawano (64.1), Bowler (64.3), Gresham (65.4), Tigerton (65.8), Marion (68.1)

Four stars: Pulaski Community (74.4), Clintonville (74.5), Bonduel (76.8), Wittenberg-Birnamwood (77.4)

Individual schools

One star: Menominee Indian High School (43.1), Keshena Primary School (51.7)

Two stars: Clintonville High School (55.6), Bowler High School (57), Marion High School (58.2), Shawano Community Middle School (60.3), Bonduel High School (62.2)

Three stars: Hillcrest Primary School (AR — No testable grades), LEADS Charter School (AR), Gresham Elementary School (63.6), Gresham High School (64), Tigerton High School (64.3), Menominee Indian Middle School (64.4), Shawano Community High School (64.8), Olga Brener Intermediate School (65), Tigerton Elementary School (66.9), Bowler Elementary School (68.5), Pulaski Community Middle School (69.1), Wittenberg-Birnamwood High School (69.3), Pulaski High School (71.9)

Four stars: Marion Elementary School (74.7), Bonduel Middle School (75.7), Sunnyside Elementary School (75.8), Glenbrook Elementary School (75.9), Fairview Elementary School (76.2), Clintonville Middle School (77.5), Birnamwood Elementary-Middle School (79.1), Wittenberg Elementary-Middle School (80.1), Lannoye Elementary School (81.6)

Five stars: Rexford-Longfellow Elementary School (83), Hillcrest Elementary School-Pulaski (85.5), Bonduel Elementary School (87.3)