Cut costs instead of implementing taxes

To the editor:

It has come to my attention that some members of our local governments are floating the possibility of a wheel tax to offset shortfalls caused by excessive health care costs and other expenses for the “top tier” plans some of the local government employees have. What I mean by top tier plans are those with only $500 “out of pocket” costs as opposed to most private plans the general public have, which have $5,000 “out of pocket” costs!

Sound familiar? When costs for government exceed the dollars brought in by taxes, the first thing to happen is “raise taxes” instead of looking for ways to cut costs.

Maybe we should institute a “benefits tax” on people who get greater benefits than their counterparts in the private sector? Please call your local representative if you think another “tax” is not in our best interest.

Just want you to know what may be coming.

Bruce Watters