Athlete of the Week: Kara Troxel

Freshman places 5th at state

Photo by Kristine Stoll Bonduel High School freshman Kara Troxel finished fifth overall at the WIAA Division 3 state meet on Oct. 28 with a time of 19 minutes, 40.59 seconds.

Athlete: Kara Troxel

Sport: Cross-country

School: Bonduel High School

Year: Freshman

Kara Troxel led the Bears’ girls cross-country team at the WIAA Division 3 state meet with a fifth-place overall finish in 19 minutes, 40.59 seconds, and helped her team place seventh. She also finished second overall at the sectional meet. Just a freshman, Troxel was ranked 12th out of over 400 runners in the division this year.

Q Where did your interest in running begin?

A My interest in running began in elementary school around fourth grade when we had running club, and my gym teacher, Mrs. Naparella, told me that I would be go0d at it and I should sign up for cross-country when I’m older.

Q What’s your favorite part about cross-country?

A My favorite part is trying to beat people in a sprint-out in the final stretch of the race and getting the medals.

Q What has been the biggest challenge in moving from middle school to high school varsity cross-country?

A Running farther in practices, especially on the really hot days, that’s when we usually run six or seven miles. Also, running farther at a faster pace during races.

Q How did it feel going to state your freshman year?

A I felt very happy and excited inside and couldn’t wait to prove to upperclassmen what a freshman could do at state.

Q What is your favorite memory of Bonduel cross-country?

A My favorite memory is when the guys woud pick on me at practices and push me the final stretch.

Q What athlete do you look up to and why?

A Aaron Rodgers, because he always pushes through to do his best even when it’s difficult and he’s in pain.

Q Do you have any pre-run rituals?

A Every cross-country meet, I wear a bright headband so people can see me when I run and to push my teammates to keep that pink blur in sight. Before races, when we do our run-out, the seniors give everyone a pep talk, and we do a cheer. I also eat a lot of chocolate before races, even though I probably shouldn’t be doing that.

Q What’s your favorite part about growing up in Bonduel?

A Being able to go to school and see my friends every day. I live close to a lot of my friends so I can always go to their houses if I need help with something or I just want to hang out with them.

Q Favorite TV show, movie, musical artist?

A TV show: “The Good Doctor”; Movie: “Need For Speed”; Musical artist: Old Dominion.

Q Do you have a favorite quote or verse?

A “The ones who say ‘you can’t’ and ‘you won’t’ are probably the ones scared that ‘you will’.”