Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

Orphan Grain Train has been receiving requests from Texas and Florida for tools and building materials for rebuilding homes. OGT purchased $40,000 worth of drywall, five truckloads of which were shipped to the Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Houston for reconstruction of homes.

OGT expects to be in Texas at least two years providing aid and relief for the victims. On Oct. 30, OGT will be sending two of their bedroom units — each one sleeps approximately 18 to 20 volunteers — to the Gloria Dei facility for meals and showers. OGT is also sending volunteer villages to Fort Myers so the relief workers have a place to sleep, eat, shower and store their tools and supplies.

Locally, OGT has been collecting new or slightly used clothing and miscellaneous items that we will ship to our distribution center in Westfield.

If you would like to make a donation of clothing or a monetary gift to offset shipping costs, please contact Jim and Judy Oberstein at 715-201- 0283. We’d like to thank the local churches and community supporting the Orphan Grain Train mission of “Christians helping other Christians.”

Jim and Judy Oberstein,

N.E. Coordinators, OGT