Ski Sharks help restore park shoreline


Contributed Photo Ski Sharks volunteers planted more than 2,200 plants in Smalley Park on Oct. 14 in an effort to give back to the community.

Contributed Photo Members of the Shawano Ski Sharks renovated this Smalley Park shoreline on Oct 13-14 with more than 2,200 plants.

The Ski Sharks restored Smalley Park’s shoreline as a part of the team’s initiative to complete waterfront projects in the community.

More than 25 volunteers from the Ski Sharks placed 50 yards of mulch and planted more than 2,200 plants along the park’s shoreline on Oct. 13-14. The crew also installed environmentally friendly photodegradable logs to help minimize erosion along the waterway.

“We are so blessed to be able to use Smalley Park as our home ski site,” Ski Shark President Dave Passehl said, “and that’s why our team keeps pouring our resources and time into this beautiful park. It is our goal to help make Smalley Park a true destination for our guests to enjoy.”

Ski Sharks member Todd Dobberstein communicated with LJ Reas Environmental Consulting Corporation on best practices to preserve the waterfront at Smalley Park. The firm recently completed a similar waterfront project at Glas Coffeehouse in Shawano.

The team partnered with the Shawano Park and Recreation Department for the project. Director Matt Hendricks and his family worked alongside the volunteers over the two days.

The Ski Sharks have also installed an in-ground watering system at the park to help make sure the grass and the newly planted areas stay fresh during the summer.