Nanny V has more children’s books on the way


Lorna Marquardt, Leader Columnist

Contributed Photo Vicki (Lamberies) Wartman writes under the pen name Nanny V. She has published two books and has plans for more, including Christian books for children.

Her pen name is Nanny V, but most of you know her as Vicki (Lamberies) Wartman.

Vicki was raised in Gresham, where her parents owned and operated the Woodland for decades. Many of you probably remember the Woodland II that Vicki ran successfully for several years here in Shawano.

Vicki is a self-motivated individual who puts her heart into her work. She was a Realtor for Hilgenberg Realty for about 20 years. While working there, Vicki’s mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Vicki commented: “I always promised my mother if I could care for her, I would never send her to a nursing home. My husband, John, was kind enough to allow me to bring both my mother and my stepfather into our home to live with us.”

Vicki continued: “My stepfather was a veteran, and he had some physical disabilities and later suffered from dementia. I retired from the real estate business because my family needed me. They lived with us for 12 years before they passed away.”

Vicki said while caring for her loved ones, she learned the joys of helping others with their health needs, so she decided to go to nursing school. She became a registered nurse and worked in Green Bay. Her grandchildren live there, too, so the move seemed to make sense. Vicki’s husband, John, is the director of the Shawano County Housing Authority, and she said he doesn’t mind the commute.

An English teacher of Vicki’s, Dan Johnson, told her once that he believed she has a talent. He told her he thought she should consider becoming a writer. Vicki said writing was always on her to-do list, but she continued to set her writing ambition aside, always thinking she would get around to it “someday.”

She smiled as she said, “Then one day while sitting in church, I could feel God’s inspiration. I knew He had given me a talent to write and it was the path He wanted me to take. I recently developed an autoimmune disorder, which limits many of my physical abilities. I view it as a blessing. It has slowed me down and helped me turn to my passion for writing and fulfilling my lifelong dream.”

Vicki has already written two children’s books. One is titled, “Bunnies In The Woodpile” and the other is “My First Day of School.” The books can be purchased online at by entering the title of the book or by entering Vicki’s pen name, Nanny V. The books can be downloaded to most electronic devices. Vicki is hoping to have them available in printed book form later this month.

“This is quite a learning process,” Vicki joked. “I learned about a site called Fiverr. It provides access to people all over the world who can assist you with numerous secretarial and informational requests. I found two illustrators who are simply wonderful! My illustrator from Pakistan did a wonderful job of bringing the characters in “Bunnies in The Woodpile to life!”

“The illustrator for “My First Day of School” is from an island off the coast of India called Sri Lanka. She used bright vivid colors and her illustrations are delightful.”

Vicki added, “I wanted the books to be educational and fun.”

A Halloween and a Thanksgiving book, along with several Christmas books, will be available soon. Vicki’s ultimate goal is to write a series of Christian books for children.

Vicki said she is worried family traditions are becoming lost. She is also concerned about the family unit and the lack of one-on-one communications.

“People don’t seem to visit with one another like they did when I was growing,” Vicki commented.

She continued: “When I go to the store, I see the parent on the cellphone, and the little one in a shopping cart wanting some attention. I see people in restaurants busy on their phones or electronic devices. I know that is common today, but it concerns me.”

Vicki continued: “I want to write Christian books for children because I believe they need to learn about God at a young age. I can visualize a parent or grandparent holding their child and reading the stories to them. I am hoping the books will initiate questions from the children and will foster meaningful communication. One of my favorite childhood memories is remembering how wonderful it felt to be read to.”

Vicki concluded: “As a child, I had people in my life who really made a difference. If we could each share some special time with just one child, what a difference that would make in the world.”

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Lorna Marquardt is a former mayor of Shawano.