Letter: Presidents should live up to our highest standards

To the editor:

“Oh beautiful for heroes proved/ In liberating strife/ Who more than self, our country loved/ And mercy more than life./ America! America! God shed his grace on thee,/ And crown thy good with brotherhood/ From sea to shining sea.”

These beautiful words and lilting melody have the power to bring tears to the eyes of proud Americans across the land and political spectrum. America has always been great because of the selfless sacrifices of countless nameless Americans. America has always been a shining beacon of hope to a world awash in strife.

With increasing distress, Americans have watched the astoundingly rapid deterioration of many principles we hold dear. Dignity and civil behavior at the presidential level has in the past set our moral tone. Judicial judgments were respected and supported, and loyalty to the president was not a test of innocence.

Our standing in the world has diminished as our leadership has swirled in chaos and erratic stances that have divided our country and our people. It is the president’s job to be well-informed and to state accurate facts. Campaign rhetoric doesn’t translate into public policy without well researched and reasoned debate.

When we don’t call out hateful and divisive speech for what it is, are we participating in dividing our country into “enemy camps?” Name calling (losers, pathetic, weak) demeans and dehumanizes people and breaks down the fabric of civilization and the spirit of cooperation.

It is up to us to vote with sober reflection for candidates who live up to the highest standards of the American people. Those patriots who came before us and sacrificed in so many ways to make America great deserve to be honored by a presidential administration that dignifies our proud history.

Jan Schreiber,

Representative of the Shawano Area Woman’s Network