Letter: County’s day meetings limit candidate pool

To the editor:

The Shawano County Democrat Party at its Aug. 16 meeting approved the intent of the following statement:

To preserve American Democracy, we must expand the opportunity for all citizens to participate on public boards, commissions and committees.

Most public bodies, school boards, town boards and county boards have their regular meetings at night to convenience people in the workforce who cannot be absent during the day from their regular employment.

The Shawano County Board schedules most of its regular meetings during the day as a convenience to board members. That prevents many younger people from serving and has the effect of limiting competition for many incumbent board members.

We further condemn the Republican initiative to eliminate the requirement that public meetings be noticed and that the minutes of those meetings be published in the local media. This initiative further isolates elected officials from public accountability.

Jan Koch,


Democratic Party of Shawano County