Letter: Foxconn is not a good deal

To the editor:

The great Wisconsin giveaway to Foxconn, courtesy of Scott Walker and his administration, is going from bad to ridiculous.

With the release by the state Legislative Fiscal Bureau’s report on this “deal” (based on Walker administration numbers), we have now learned that maybe Wisconsin might recover its $3 billion about to be given to Foxconn (not to mention the suspension of environmental protections) by 2043!

Walker, who literally promised 250,000 jobs would be added in our state if he was elected, is in such desperate need to be seen as actually creating some jobs, even illusory “possible” jobs, that he is claiming we should not look behind the curtain on this giveaway because “this will be monumental” and could even result in some people from Illinois moving here.

If we close our eyes, we might think it is Trump touting such a “huge” deal.

More shocking is the fact that while Wisconsin has fallen to 33rd in job creation among states. Walker even disregarded his rich backers, the Koch brothers, who would rather he focus on cutting taxes for the wealthy.

Walker is a sorry excuse for a governor, and our state has been paying the price for his ineptitude.

Mary Arnold,