Letter: Reflections on the Trump legacy

To the editor:

Donald, take a good look at your namesake. Fine-boned, slight, dimpled chin, a hint of bucked teeth, quick of step and quicker of speech. Hardly a lumbering, pugnacious, scowling, man of few words who is proudly readying a new litigation. I can bet that Jr. would rather be a father and at home.

It must be excruciating for you to watch this son who cannot, could not, will not pull off a scam like his old man. Is Mother watching this spectacle. Does she know that there was a better avenue for her precious firstborn? A better way for him to use his talents?

Now, Donald, will you be shamed? You, who are at the end of your life: Is there enough time left for you to change one little bit? Sad!

Mary Podzilni,