Easy to get home after going to wedding

Going to a wedding of someone you care about is usually a joyous and exciting endeavor. While I felt a little overwhelmed about the fact that the wedding was taking place in northern Minnesota, and I was driving alone, still I was excited.

I have traveled the highways and byways of northern Wisconsin quite often in the past, so I wasn’t fearful about finding my way. In fact, I was looking forward to seeing some sights that I hadn’t seen for years, such as the Dell’s Mill, near Augusta. This is an old grist mill from the past, before all of the modern machinery was made. I have stopped there many times, even once on a bus trip, where we toured the museum, and were given a tour of the mill, and how it worked. The mill itself is a beautiful red color, and there is a falls to the west of it, which powered the mill. It is one of the most photographed places in the state.

It took me south of Highway 29 for a good 15 or more miles, but was well worth the foray into a blast from the past. Speaking of Highway 29, most of it was under construction, so I vowed to go home another way. Meanwhile I eventually reached Highway 53 and headed north to Hibbing, Minnesota.

One nice thing about traveling alone is I can listen to whatever I want on the radio, and stop where I want. The not-so-nice thing is there is no one to help watch road signs or traffic, or talk with.

Cruising through Superior and Duluth during rush hour was not in my plans, guess I should have left home earlier. As I saw the bridge looming ahead of me I thought; “I bet I have to drive over that thing” I was right, I did.

Once I got out of the busy cities, I didn’t feel like stopping to eat. So, except for a few crackers that I had in the car, I hadn’t eaten since noon, at Cadott. It was a little after 6 p.m. when I got to the hotel, which had road construction all around it, but no restaurant. I went to a gas station and bought a sandwich from there, and had that and a few things I had brought from home.

After a good night’s sleep and a little breakfast, I adventured out to see more of my new digs. A town was having an event, so I got routed off my planned highway, and started heading for Canada. Getting back to my road, I did get to stop and see some things, and take some pictures.

The wedding was wonderful, and it was great to see my nephew and his new wife begin their journey together. It was an evening filled with visiting relatives, and I got to hold my great-niece’s 2-month-old daughter for a while, I even put her to sleep.

I learned a few things with this trip. The first was that traveling tired and hungry are not a good combination, as it made me crabby. Traveling on roads being reconstructed (it seemed like they all were) and in the rain, made me crabby and tense. Can’t always trust GPS to lead me in the right path, but I got to tour more of northern Minnesota that way.

I had vowed to go home on the roads less traveled, so coming home I took Highway 13 by Superior, which is the lake circle route. Saw so many beautiful views, and stopped and snapped some more pictures. Bayfield was packed, so I waited until Ashland to stop for lunch. I then took Highway 2 to Highway 51, to head north.

I was home about 4:30 that Sunday, had left Hibbing at 8:09 in the morning, so it didn’t take that much longer getting home than going. On my travels, while I was the only human in the car, I knew I was not alone, I knew that God was with me and His guardian angel was watching over me.

In Acts 17:28, God assures us that: “In Him, we live and move and have our being.”