Letter: Does Trump ever feel shame?

To the editor:

CNN erred badly, was called on the carpet, quickly retracted the article, apologized, fired three reporters and was graciously forgiven by the maligned party. Pretty classy.

Trump couldn’t let CNN’s mistake go. Just as all bullies do. He saw they were ashamed by their error and thus weakened. It made hitting on them great fun.

We have all been in CNN’s shoes. I know mothers have been there. I have. A long time ago, my young son was diagnosed with ulcers. In those days, it was attributed to stress, and who was responsible for their stress? The mothers. I was devastated and shamed.

Like the news media, where truth is paramount, parenting has even higher hurdles to climb in search of excellence. They make mistakes and are then susceptible to criticism and even bullying.

Shame. It really stings, and, yes, there are consequences that sometimes are unfair. Without it, without shame, we don’t have one of the greatest deterrents to man.

Trump does not experience shame. What will deter him?

Mary Podzilni,