Letter: Scouts help prepare Heritage Park for spring tours

To the editor:

The Shawano County Historical Society salutes the Boy Scouts of Troop 32, Scoutmaster Bob Smits and the parents of the Scouts who, on a recent Saturday, did the spring cleanup of the grounds of Heritage Park.

The Boy Scouts have been volunteering for the cleanup for many years, and the society is very grateful for their hard work. This is a great help to us as we get ready for spring tours.

We thank the adults who organized the cleanup, as they are teaching these young boys a valuable life lesson in community service that will serve them well all of their lives.

The Shawano County Historical Society is an all-volunteer organization, and we depend on volunteers such as the Boy Scouts to help us keep Shawano County history available to all of our visitors.

Thanks again, Troop 32!

Elaine Knope,

for the Shawano County Historical Society