Letter: Senate needs to stand up to the bullies

To the editor:

For a long time I kept secret about my bipolar condition. Recently because of the potential loss of health coverage for the mentally ill, I have told all.

My friends have been universally supportive. Of course, you say they are my friends. I am a member of St James Lutheran Church, a Missouri Synod church. I am an organic chemist. I am a lifelong Democrat. I believe God created and sustains this world. I support woman’s equal rights, gay people and the right for Muslims to become U.S. citizens by immigrating to this great nation. I am pro-life. Most of my friends know all of this about me because I have sent them an essay explaining it. I also sent the essay to both of my pastors.

I want to thank Sen. Ron Johnson and the other Republicans for their actions to repeal Obamacare. It has given me the impetus to tell my story. The support that I have had is overwhelming.

I ask the U.S. Senate of our great nation to take a different stance than the U.S. House. One of reconciliation and statesmanship. This chant that they voiced is like a bullying cry on a playground: “Na, na, na, na. Hey, hey, hey, goodbye Obamacare.”

Statesmen do not chant. They investigate, propose, consolidate and ratify ideas.

Darlane Kroening,