Letter: RTC, city should hold open house on plans

To the editor:

The Leader reported on April 21 that a medical residency training center was approved by the city council despite hearing another skeptical voice in opposition.

According to the Leader: “Todd Schultz, who worked as a lead consultant for the project on behalf of RTC Estate Holdings, said in an interview Thursday he didn’t feel it was his role to address the objections.

“‘Everyone is entitled to their opinion,’ he said.

“Schultz added, however, that the six to eight people who have objected at city meetings had never reached out to the RTC Board to ask questions or seek an explanation of the group’s plans.”

I feel it’s not the role of the general public to contact RTC Holdings to ask questions, as I’m sure they would not appreciate repeated calls from the public. The ideal resolution is for RTC Holdings, Todd Schultz and the city council to hold a joint-sponsored public open house to give the developer an opportunity to present its project with renderings of the plan, financial documents, medical training plans, overview of the proposed apartment/senior housing portion of the project.

The park and rec department just concluded a successful open house regarding the plans for the upgrades to the park system. The public input during the city council meetings restricts the public to three minutes and also limits the feedback the council can offer the public. An open house format is more conducive and welcoming to the public.

This project will have a major impact on the taxpayers, and all efforts should explored to give the public the information it needs and deserves regarding the financial impact on our tax dollars. I encourage the city council and Mayor Cronce to schedule an open house in partnership with RC Holdings to give the public an opportunity to have their questions answered.

Thank you for your consideration.

Jim Oberstein,