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Shawano Community Middle School

SCMS has had fabulous student participation this year in our fall athletics. We are so thankful for our coaches and volunteers and our successful season! This year, the eighth-grade volleyball team is coached by Anne Beck and Stacey Senzig. The seventh-grade volleyball team is coached by Chad Bromiesl. Parent helpers Janet Rankin and Rick Carl help out cross country coaches Rebecca Jacoby and Brent Reiter. Football is coached this year by Ryan Francour, Chuck Dallas, Mark Dillenberg and Keith Marquardt. Jennifer Schmidt oversees the athletics at SCMS and helps keep our student athletes on the right academic and behavior tracks. SCMS would also like to thank the PTA for making sure we always have healthy and yummy treat options for concessions at all of our games. If you would like to show school spirit and support our students, PTA also sells Hawk gear at the concession stands. We hope to see you all during our winter sports season, too!

Olga Brener Intermediate School, Shawano

This month, we will participate in the Yellow Ribbon Prevention Program with the theme "Be a Link," which will help increase awareness in third- through fifth-grade students to know that it is "OK to ask for help." The main goal of the prevention week is to empower children to know how to choose help-seeking solutions, especially in the most hopeless of situations.

The school's counselor, psychologist and social worker will talk with students during classroom guidance time about dealing with strong feelings and who they should go to for help, especially from those they trust when they are faced with strong emotions or problems. Students will be given a "hand" to signify trusted individuals and that "it is OK to ask for help."

The Yellow Ribbon program was founded in 1994 by the parents of a bright, funny, loving teen, Mike Emme, who took his life when he did not know the words to say, or how to let someone know he was in trouble and needed help. Following Mike's death, his friends asked his parents what they could do to help. The answer was life inspiring: If you are hurting, reach out to someone. Find someone to talk to, someone to ask for help. Since 1994, this message has grown and gained national prominence as others hear the message and seek ways to share it.

If you have any questions about Yellow Ribbon Week, contact Jodi Guenther, school social worker, at 715-524-2131, ext. 4110, or Brittany Pensis, school counselor, 715524-2131, ext. 4109.

<p>Students at Olga Brener will also be taking part in International Walk Your Child to School Day on Oct. 5. Classroom teachers along with phy ed teachers will be taking classes around the block during the week of the 5th and parents are encouraged to walk their children to school that morning. High school athletes will be posted on the corners near the school to walk with the students. Each child will be entered for prizes when they complete the classroom walk and again when they complete the walk in gym. They will also be given a prize entry if they walk to school with a parent or friends. Prizes include $50 to Rogan Shoes, a Razor Scooter, Subway meals and bracelets.</p><p style="text-align:center;">Bonduel Elementary School</p><p>Bonduel has been fortunate enough to have the training and technology on hand to make a real difference in the classroom. Within the last few years, Bonduel has had SMART boards in every classroom. This is a teaching tool that looks like a giant television screen in front of the classroom, but it is hooked up to a computer and is controlled by touching the screen. This tool makes it very useful to plan lessons that involve interaction for the students through activities that the teachers provide. It can also be used for searching the Internet for information in front of the class along with many other benefits. The staff has also been exploring the use of document cameras this year. It makes it easy to project real life items onto the screen of the SMART boards. It is a very exciting time for technology in the Bonduel School District.</p><p style="text-align:center;">Bowler School District</p><p>The Bowler School District's annual budget hearing will be held at 6 p.m. Oct. 17 in the high school library. The regular board meeting will follow at 6:30 p.m. The district's annual meeting will be held the following week at 6 p.m. Oct. 24 in the high school library. A special board meeting is scheduled to follow the annual meeting. The district's proposed budget will presented at the budget hearing and annual meeting. Any questions, please call the district office at 715-793-4101.</p><p style="text-align:center;">Menominee Tribal School</p><p>To honor Walk to School Day on Wednesday, the entire Menominee Tribal School walked to school from the Boys and Girls' Club in Neopit. It was most enjoyable for everyone in the beautiful fall morning.</p><p>On Thursday, the K-2 students who achieved 92 percent or better attendance for September will spend part of the morning at the Neopit park.</p><p>Plans are firming up for the K-8 Family Night from 4:30-7:30 p.m. Oct. 25. The kitchen needs RSVPs for the spaghetti dinner. The K-2 students, together with their grandparents, will be carving pumpkins gathered from their field trip to Delzer's farm that morning. Additionally, healthy snacks will be provided by the diabetes awareness group, there will be a bonfire, Menominee bingo, mask making, viewing the night sky with the school telescope and donated binoculars, a movie, and, to conclude, a beach ball volleyball game in the gym.</p><p>Everyone is pulling together under the guidance of Barbara Flaherty, student services, and Diane Herzfeldt, assistant principal and SPED director since Shannon Chapman, our principal, broke her ankle last month. She is housebound, but is healing more every day. She is greatly appreciative for all the cards, food, household items, phone calls, prayers, and thoughts from the children, staff and school parents. We are family! Where the Bear walks there is power!</p><p style="text-align:center;">Gresham School District</p><p>Last week, Gresham School had its homecoming, which incorporated a number of daily activities: Monday, Mix-Match/Crazy Hair day with a milk chug during lunch; Tuesday, Opposite Sex day with an Oreo-slide during lunch; Wednesday, Blast From the Past day with Fear Factor during lunch; Thursday, School Spirit day with scooter Olympics during lunch; and Friday, Color Wars with a number of activities. Other activities included games of pudding bubble-gum pie, Cheetos face, Lifesaver pass, egg toss, plunger, five-legged race, and Sun Drop chug. Lastly, the classes took turns playing dodge ball against each other. Seniors won and took the championship.</p><p style="text-align:center;">Wolf River Lutheran High School, Cecil</p><p>Wolf River held its third annual Lock-In in the WRLHS gym Sept. 23-24. A number of sixth- to eighth-graders from local Lutheran Elementary schools participated, and, by all reports, a good time was had by all! Six students from Concordia University in Mequon, who specialize in leading Lock-Ins, were here to lead the students in games, activities and devotions. Everyone enjoyed pizza, snacks and soda at midnight and a full breakfast consisting of pancakes, eggs and juice lovingly prepared by some of the WRLHS parents before the CUW students left for home. We thank the students from CUW and the parents of the WRLHS students who helped make this the success it was!</p><p>Wolf River is partnering with Steve's Service in Cecil as part of a trade's class for one of our students. Two mornings a week, a junior at WRLHS goes over to train with Steve Rabe, owner of Steve's Service, to learn the automobile mechanics trade. He grades the student's work and reports his progress to staff at Wolf River. The student will receive high school credit for his work there.</p><p>Six new laptop computers were delivered to WRLHS this past week. That brings the total to more than the total number of students at Wolf River Lutheran High School, allowing each student to have his/her own laptop computer. While the computers are still in the process of being programmed to work with the server at the school, the students are looking forward to each having their own computers. Thank you to Ron Klosterman, who was instrumental in this entire project.</p><p>As we mentioned a few weeks ago, Wolf River Lutheran High School is going to have a boys basketball team! We are still looking for a coach. If you know of someone who is willing to donate their time and talents to helping our boys play basketball, or if any school would like to play WRLHS in a scrimmage, please contact the school office at 715-745-2400 or e-mail One of the fundraising activities the school will be participating in is the selling of Kwik Trip gas cards through the Scrip program, popular with several of the schools in the area. Look for more information on this program on our website,</p><p>Oct. 22 marks the date of the WRLHS homecoming festivities! We will celebrate the week with special dress days, hopefully hold a basketball game (of sorts) Friday night and our third annual Kickball Game and Chili Dump! Funds raised by concessions at the kickball game will go toward the athletic program. </p><p>This event has been attended in the past by current and former students, family and friends of students and even neighbors and community supporters of the school. </p><p>Look for more information to come!</p>
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