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Bonduel girls strike gold in California

Bonduel High School students Ashley Bergsbaken and Chloe Nolan earned the highest honors possible last month at a national competition recognizing high school students for community involvement, leadership skills and career preparation.

Both girls received perfect scores and gold awards at the Students Taking Action with Recognition (STAR) competition July 10-14 in Anaheim, Calif. Over 5,000 students competed in the event.

The STAR program is sponsored by Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), the only career and technical in-school student organization with family as its focus, according to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction website.

“You present in the same way, so it wasn’t any harder than the state competition,” Ashley said. “There were thousands of people competing from across the United States. It was pretty exciting.”

The girls last year became the first Bonduel Middle School students to advance to the STAR nationals and returned from Chicago with gold honors.

The girls’ 10-minute presentation to three judges — adults involved with family, food and consumer education — showcased how the two freshmen taught Bonduel elementary students about healthy eating choices and fun fitness.

“We brought fourth-graders to the school gym and played a game with them and talked about the food pyramid and gave them healthy snacks,” Chloe said. “The competition was pretty cool. We were confident because we’d been to nationals before, but we weren’t sure how it would go with different judges and everything. It’s exciting to win again.”

Both girls said they would like to be teachers someday.

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Pair earn top honors at national event for second time
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