5 local schools will participate in Bike to School Day

Five Shawano schools will participate in Bike to School Day on May 4. They are Hillcrest Primary, Olga Brener Intermediate, St. James Lutheran, Sacred Heart Catholic and Shawano Community Middle School.

The schools will join others throughout the region in celebrating Bike Safety Month by bringing parents, children and community members together to experience the fun of biking to school together.

This is the third year the local schools have been involved in the national campaign, which started in 2012. All students who participate will receive an incentive.

Volunteers from Shawano Pathways will assist principals at the schools.

Not long ago, walking or biking to school was the norm. Over the last 30 years, however, the percentage of children biking and walking to school has declined from 50 percent or more to now closer to about 15 percent.


School Notes

Contributed Photo Rich Wieber jumps his bicycle over Sacred Heart teacher Scott Marohl and seminarian Ben Johnson during a presentation April 20 at the school.

Contributed Photo Rich Wieber entertains the children at Sacred Heart Catholic School on April 20.

Sacred Heart Catholic School



Leader Photo by Lee Pulaski George, played by Raphael Cary, explains a geometry problem to Gracie, played by Marie Kluge, in a scene from “The Nifty Fifties.” Cary and Kluge both enjoy performing in a 1950s-themed musical.

Leader Photo by Lee Pulaski More than 40 home-schooled children are performing in “The Nifty Fifties” next week at Clintonville High School. This is the 12th year that the Wolf River Homeschool program has performed a musical for the community.

Bobby socks, poodle skirts and luncheonettes with checkerboard motifs (and 35-cent hamburgers) are just a few indications that the Wolf River Homeschool program is going back in time with its annual musical.

More than 40 homeschooled students will perform “The Nifty Fifties” next week at Clintonville High School, giving audiences a nostalgic trip to a time when rock and roll was in its infancy. This is the 12th year that the homeschool group has presented a musical for local audiences.

“The Nifty Fifties” takes place in Louise’s Luncheonette, the happening place where all the cool kids hang out. Gracie Stanley is planning her high school’s next big dance, the Hippity Hop, but she inadvertently makes a promise she might not be able to fulfill — getting the famous performer Ziggy Springer to perform at the dance.


School Notes

Contributed Photo Shawano Community High School forensics team fared well at the state speech festival last weekend. Shown are, from left, front row, Kathryn Kugel, Georgi Ritter, Katie West, Mikaela Rosenow, Alma Oviedo, Mikaela Oss, Jamie Anderson; back row, Matthew Schwitzer, Nicholas Schwitzer, Jacob Schwitzer, Karelyn Malliet, Trinaty Caldwell, Teagan Monfils, Kristy Kurtz, Alexis Stephens, Hayleigh Kroll and Gabrielle Tuma.

Contributed Photo Bowler Elementary School music teacher Amanda Hein brings the overflow crowd to their feet with her performance at the school’s second annual Variety Show.

Shawano Community High School

Congratulations to the Shawano Community High School forensics team on a successful weekend at the Wisconsin High School Forensic Association State Speech Festival.

Gold (Critics Choice Award): Trinaty Caldwell, farrago category; Gabrielle Tuma, oratory; Georgi Ritter, solo acting humorous; Jamie Anderson, solo acting serious.

Silver (All State Award): Alexis Stephens, Hayleigh Kroll, Kristy Kurtz and Teagan Monfils, group interpretation; Mikaela Oss, poetry; Karelyn Malliet and Mikaela Rosenow, prose; and Kathryn Kugel, special occasion speech.

Bronze (Finalist Award): Katie West, oratory; Alma Oviedo, prose.

Bronze (Achievement Award): Jacob Schwitzer, Nicholas Schwitzer and Matthew Schwitzer, group interpretation.

Bowler High School


Sacred Heart welcomes bicycle stuntman

Contributed Photo Bicycle stuntman Rich Wieber will perform at Sacred Heart Catholic School in Shawano on Wednesday.

Rich Wieber will bring his bicycle stunt show to Sacred Heart Catholic School in Shawano on Wednesday.

After completing a survey distributed by East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission about the Safer Routes to School Program, Sacred Heart was entered in a random drawing to win a visit from Wieber — and won.

According to his website (, Wieber has performed over 3,000 shows in 46 states during 15 years of school assemblies. He balances bicycle stunts with entertainment, working in messages about anti-bullying, perseverance, peer pressure, achieving goals, dangers of drugs and alcohol, and safety.

Wieber is a flatland rider, which is a freestyle BMX riding style performed on smooth flat surfaces that do not include any ramps, jumps or grindrails.

Wieber will perform from 9:20-10 a.m. in the school gymnasium, 124 E. Center St.


High school besieged by ‘Strange Creatures’

Leader Photo by Lee Pulaski Duchess Sylvia, played by RaeAnn Vanderhoff, and Duke David, played by Ben Schmidt, discover that the royal throne has swallowed their son, Stanley, and two other royal children in the first act of “Strange Creatures.”

Leader Photo by Lee Pulaski Princess Elizabeth, played by Avery Thorne, carries the magic book that her grandfather used to write his stories about strange creatures in a scene from “Strange Creatures.

“Where’s the magic book?”

That’s the question some children might be asking their grandfathers after seeing “Strange Creatures,” a two-act play being performed this weekend at Wolf River Lutheran High School.

“Strange Creatures” is a unique fairy tale that starts out in a castle. The late King Leonard was known throughout the land as an excellent storyteller; so good that many in the kingdom often wondered if his wild stories about strange creatures were true.

Only the king’s son, Percival, knew the truth — that his father’s book was a magic book, where anything he wrote came true. Now the ruler of the land many years later, Percival makes sure that no one occupies his throne, putting a big, heavy chest on top when he is not seated there.


Menominee garden project wins $3,000 grant

The WEA Trust recently announced it will award the Menominee Indian School District a $3,000 grant for the Maskihkiw Garden Project. The after-school program will teach Menominee Middle School students about the traditional planting and harvesting customs of the Menominee people.

The project will be led by Grace Kasper, a science teacher at the school.

“By introducing traditional values of the Menominee within my science curriculum, I find my students take on a vested interest in what is being taught,” Kasper said. “I believe this garden will be one more spoke in the educational wheel that will lead our students to an understanding of their own self worth and their abilities in sustaining a healthy lifestyle.”

Through the maintenance of the garden, students will learn about the importance of nutritious foods and be encouraged to make healthy choices throughout their lives.


School Notes

Bonduel Elementary School

April is National Occupational Therapy Month. What is occupational therapy? According to the American Occupational Therapy Association, occupational therapists help people across their lifespan to participate in, and establish independence in, daily living activities and tasks (occupations). Occupational therapists help children and adults not only adapt but also thrive in their environments. In the school setting, occupational therapists are part of a team. This team works to support students with disabilities. Therapists strive for students to achieve their maximum abilities and allow students to fully participate in all school-related activities.

Gresham Community School

On March 30, students in grades six, seven, eight and 10 began the Wisconsin Forward Exam. The test replaced the WKCE test throughout Wisconsin.


Good grief! Another musical!

Leader Photo by Lee Pulaski “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” was a musical for six characters, but the Shawano Community High School spring production swelled to 21, adding a number of other characters from the beloved “Peanuts” comic strip written by the late Charles Schulz from 1950 to 2000. The musical opens Thursday.

Leader Photo by Lee Pulaski Snoopy, played by Georgi Ritter, helps Sally, played by Madison Lemerond, to hunt for rabbits in a scene from “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.”

One musical per year is no longer sufficient for Shawano Community High School.

The school will present “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” from Thursday through Saturday in the auditorium, featuring a number of characters from the late Charles Schulz’s comic strip “Peanuts,” which is still rerun in newspapers worldwide, including The Shawano Leader.

The 1999 Broadway musical, revised from the original created in 1967, follows the trials and tribulations of Charlie Brown, the round-headed kid who can’t seem to do anything quite right. While most of the other kids can send their kites soaring into the air, Charlie Brown’s kites crash like missiles. He can’t manage his baseball team to save his life, and his faithful beagle, Snoopy, is off living the fantasy life of a World War I flying ace.


Shawano FFA will celebrate 75 years in April

Photo by Carol Wagner Shawano FFA co-advisers Steve Stomberg and Missy Braun are getting ready to celebrate the chapter’s 75th anniversary. They are looking for help to find past presidents and other information.

Shawano FFA will celebrate its 75th anniversary in April, and co-advisers Steve Stomberg and Missy Braun are looking for some help in gathering information for the celebration.

“Anytime anybody celebrates 75 years it‘s a milestone,” said Stomberg, who has been an adviser since 1992. “What people have done is impressive.”

They are looking for members who had leadership roles and were state officers.

“We want the stories to see how it’s changed,” said Braun, who is the chapter’s first female adviser.

They also need the names of past chapter presidents for the following years: 1942, 1949, 1976, 1978, 1981, 1989, 1990, 1992 and 1994.

The FFA members have formed a committee to gather information about the group’s past.

“They get to learn more about the history,” said Stomberg, who was Braun’s first agriculture teacher in Gresham. After she got her degree, Braun taught in Gillett before coming to Shawano.


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