God’s creatures in our care

Through the course of time we’ve had many opportunities to care for God’s creatures. Not only have we raised a herd of cows, heifers and calves, but also a flock of chickens, a litter of puppies and a drove of pigs. (Yes, a group of pigs is referred to as a drove. I learn something new every day!)

Along with our domesticated animals, we feed the wildlife that live adjacent to our farm. They take what they can get where they can get it. Turkeys, deer, sand hill cranes and coyotes have been known to graze on our land.

The cows come and go, and are replenished by our youngstock as we feed and nurture them to take the older cows’ place in the milking line one day. Twice daily the cows must be milked, and they all need to be fed, cleaned and, under the watchful eye of my husband, tended to. No animal slips under the radar if he can help it.


Grandma’s day out

With the month of August drawing to a close, it was time for a grandma day. They have changed greatly over the years, as the grandkids are growing up and branching out on their own. Even with the three that attend high school yet, one was working, so he couldn’t go.

That made it an all girl day in Green Bay. I picked up two granddaughters in Tigerton and headed to Green Bay in a torrent of rain. I was apprehensive of the road construction in the Green Bay area. How will I find my way? I wondered, plus I had never been to my other granddaughter’s apartment.

There was no need to fear, because I didn’t find a whole lot of construction where I was going, and that flyover ramp wasn’t too intimidating. The GPS told us the turns, and we were there. She was waiting by the door, watching for us.


History group bellies up to the bars

Photo by Carol Wagner Darlene Heller, archives director at the Shawano County Historical Society, shows two of the boards that will show the history of “Bars, Ballrooms, Brothels and Breweries in Shawano County” at the Shawano County Fair.

When Darlene Heller, Shawano County Historical Society archives director, began work on the group’s display for this year’s Shawano County Fair, she was pleasantly surprised.

“I had no idea there were going to be that many bars,” she said.

Heller and her helpers gathered a plethora of information, pictures and artifacts for the display, “Bars, Ballrooms, Brothels and Breweries,” that will be featured in the fairgrounds’ Farmers Building when the 2014 fair opens Wednesday. The exhibit will include an old copper still.

“The purpose of these displays has been to encourage residents of Shawano County to treasure their local area history and to play a role in saving it,” Heller said. “If you destroy history you can never recover it.”

Heller said it made sense to group the exhibit topics together.


Disease won’t keep her down

Photo by Carol Wagner Shawano Community High School graduate Amanda Jaskolski is back to playing softball after being diagnosed with lupus nephritis.

When you’re 22 and an athlete, you don’t expect to have pill bottles lined up on your kitchen table.

But Amanda Jaskolski, of Shawano, needs the four medications in her battle with lupus nephritis, a kidney inflammation caused by a disorder in which the body’s immune system attacks cells and organs.

Jaskolski, a 2010 graduate of Shawano Community High School, became ill in January 2013 while attending Thomas University in Thomasville, Georgia.

“I knew something was wrong,” she said. “I’ve been an athlete my whole life. I was sore and didn’t do anything.”

Jaskolski competed in golf, volleyball, basketball and softball in high school. She received a softball scholarship to Darton College in Albany, Georgia, a two-year school, then got another scholarship to Thomas University.


Volunteer Profile

Photo by Carol Wagner Gini Reineke has volunteered at the Shawano County Historical Society for seven years. She and Jesse Borlen put up a soda shop display in the dairy building in Heritage Park after receiving a malt machine from the former Dehn’s, now Angie’s Main Cafe.

Gini Reineke has volunteered at the Shawano County Historical Society for seven years.

She was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the daughter in a military family that traveled extensively. Reineke graduated from Beaver Dam High School, and then earned a degree in history from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. She worked for the State Historical Society for a short time and then traveled to schools around Wisconsin in the History Mobile for two years with her husband of 43 years, David.

She stayed home with her children and until they were in school, then went back to school and got a degree in teaching learning disabilities from UW-Oshkosh. She taught six years in Gillett and then 22 years in Shawano before retiring.

The couple lives in Shawano and have two children and one grandchild whom she watches two nights a week in Green Bay. Reineke also volunteers for the Shawano Literacy Council.


Nonprofit Profile

Photo by Carol Wagner Volunteers of the Pella Fire and Rescue Department include, from left, front row, Brian Westfahl, Jesse Barkow, Tom LeNoble and Jared Beyer; back row, Todd Lohrentz, Lyle Krueger, Jim Habeck, Roger Baerenwald, Corey Riley, Bill Korth and Jerry Weatherwax.

The members of the Pella Fire and Rescue Department are dedicated to helping the people of the Township of Pella.

Jerry Weatherwax has been with the department for 22 years, the last six as fire chief.

“I enjoy the part of helping people out,” said Weatherwax, who also spent 10 years on the Embarrass Fire Department. “If I don’t do it, who will?”

There are 29 volunteers, including 10 first responders, several of whom are also firefighters.

Weatherwax said the fire department averages one call a month; the first responders average four calls a month.

Brian Westfahl has been a firefighter and first responder for five years. He has helped at car accidents, diabetic emergencies and other medical emergencies.

“I enjoy helping out the community I live in,” Westfahl said. “It’s a very rewarding experience.”


Pizza and pajamas

Leader Photo by Tom Beschta Jerzy Brocker, left, 7, and Josh Fisken, 6, pick out toppings for their pizza while visiting Domino’s Pizza with the St. James Lutheran Childhood Center on Thursday. The pizzas were delivered to the childhood center for a pajama and pizza party to celebrate the end of the summer session.

Anyone visiting Domino’s Pizza on Thursday might have thought a group of sleepwalking children overran the store.

However, it was simply the pajama-clad children of St. James Lutheran Early Childhood Center, who visited the restaurant to learn how pizzas are made during their pajama and pizza day celebration.

“This is kind of our end-of-the-summer party,” said Miranda Fink, an employee at the Childhood Center.

After taking a short tour of the kitchen, the children witnessed first-hand how the pizzas are prepared, from dough spinning to baking.

But what was the best part about watching the pizza-making process?

“We get to eat them,” said Kaleb Lowney, 12, of Shawano.

As they circled through the kitchen, the children chose toppings for personalized pizzas that were later delivered to the childhood center for the party.


Clintonville expanding veterans memorial

The Clintonville Veterans Memorial Committee plans to add two sections to the memorial that was dedicated in October 2009.

The memorial is located in Midway Park on South Main Street.

The Common Council in January approved the addition of two wall sections to the memorial. A section with space for 220 names will be added to each side of the wall. The new walls are expected to cost from $40,000 to $50,000.

Anyone wanting to have a name added to the wall can purchase a brick for a donation of $150 each. Donation applications are available at City Hall, 50 10th Street, or from committee members.


Kids paint mural as birthday project

Photo by Carol Wagner A birthday painting party led to the mural at The South Forty in Shawano. Dr. Derek and Magda Johnson supervised the painting by, from left, Sophie Holstrom, Kiahna Johnson, Hannah Williams, Savannah Johnson, Kennedy Erdmann and Mackenzie Dingeldein. Other painters not pictured were Trama Kay Ward, Colleen McFarlane, Kendra Schumacher, and Levi and Rutger Johnson.

To remember her 15th birthday, all Savannah Johnson has to do is go past The South Forty on South Main Street in Shawano.

On Aug. 9, Johnson and several of her friends painted a mural titled “A New Day” by Romero Britto on one of the walls.

Savannah’s mother, Magda Johnson, tries to think of something different and positive for her children’s birthday parties.

“We usually try to find something to entertain the youth,” Johnson said. “Something they can do, a service to the community.”

Johnson said she got the idea when she saw one of the artist’s pieces while traveling in Miami.

“We needed a wall,” she said.

After exploring other locations in the city, she settled on The South Forty, next to the Mountain Bay Trail, and got permission from the owners, Jim and Patty Schweitzer, and the go-ahead from the city. Sherwin-Williams gave them a discount on the paint.


Library resumes weekly programs in September

After a busy summer, the Children’s Department of the Shawano City-County Library will begin weekly programs once again for the fall.

Baby & Me resumes at 10 a.m. Sept. 2. This weekly 15-minute program is geared to the library’s youngest patrons: babies through 2 years old and their parents/caregivers. Exposure to the rhythms of language and music can help introduce very young children to books and reading. Board books, traditional rhymes, basic finger plays, tickles, bounces and activity songs are utilized.

Story Time begins at 10 a.m. Sept. 3. This is a theme-based, 30-minute program for children and their caregivers. Stories, songs, finger plays, flannel boards, puppets, dancing, and making a craft are all part of the fun. All ages are welcome.


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