Trump’s personal character a disgrace

To the editor:

It is one thing to be divided as to the effect of government regulations or how much to spend on the budget, and a completely different thing to be divided over immoral or corrupt personal behavior.

Donald Trump is a divisive issue for many Americans. These same people believe they are arguing over politics, when they are, in fact, arguing about the character of president of the United States.

There has never been a time that the character of the president didn’t matter. When we take a close look at Mr. Trump, beyond the tweets, juvenile name calling and constant jabs at the press, we see he is not really concerned with domestic or foreign policy or the economy or educating our kids. Donald Trump’s essential focus and number one concern is — himself.

Trump came to Washington not to lead the Republican Party, nor to drain the swamp, but for two reasons: to seek personal power and to further his business interests. Mr. Trump could not care less about party politics or a conservative vision or foreign affairs.

The key point voters should focus on is character — the moral fiber of a human being. Character isn’t measured by word; it is measured by how we live our lives. A person of good character is one who respects other human beings, tries to help those in need, has personal integrity and doesn’t make everything about himself. Character is the ability to work with others, selflessly toward a goal — one that improves the well-being of others and works toward that goal with humility and kindness.

Once we move out of the political realm and move into the realm of personal character, we see that Mr. Trump is a national disgrace — regardless of his political affiliation. It isn’t about his position on taxes or guns or the Russians or the budget. It is about the soul of America — what it has always meant to be an American.

Denise Riley

Second vice chair, Shawano County Democrats