Protecting people the correct thing to do

There comes a time when “political correctness” or insisting on political correctness is immaterial, or at least not the major item.

On Tuesday evening, I was checking out in a gasoline convenience store. I noticed that their Amber Alert listed the Jayme Closs of Barron, Wisconsin, alert from Oct. 15, 2018. I had been notified on my cell phone just two hours earlier on Tuesday of a new Amber Alert of Angel Ros Tomow (Angel Madosh) of Shawano. I mentioned this more recent Amber Alert, questioning why the new one was not on their in-store notice. The clerk, a mature female, told me that she noticed that the girl was listed as “Indian.” This clerk said she took it as an offense and refused to list this Amber Alert because the alert notification was not politically correct.

My temper flared. I informed this woman that over 300 years ago the North American natives were referred to as Indians by the explorers to these shores. The error was in that they were looking for the Far East (namely India) and an easier route for the spice trade. Thus, the native peoples without pale complexions were assumed to be of India, and were called Indians. That was not a slur, but mis-identification. Should the reference change so that everyone is referring to the Menominee Nation tribal members as Native Americans rather than Indians? Absolutely. I do not dispute that. However…

I further told her that I was unsure as to whether Angel Tomow’s family would appreciate the priority of proper naming versus getting the word out and getting their child back. Golly, this woman may be politically correct at the cost of a child’s life.

Shouldn’t we all be saying “Life matters”?

I saw the notice that Angel was found, safe. That’s the main thing. I am happy for her and her family — regardless of ethnicity. This was a child in (or presumed in) danger. Decisions should not be made based on proper identification of an ethnic background. That clerk may have been politically correct, but she was wrong.

Jane Rank,