Council shuts down democratic process

To the editor:

The Shawano Common Council’s decision to approve the resolution to amend Citizens United but not to allow it to go to referendum on the April ballot missed an opportunity to bring the democratic process to a subject that we all care deeply about.

Why is it important to bring this subject to a vote? If you look at the questions that the audience asked at the council meeting you realize that answering those questions is at the heart of democracy. The informed citizen is absolutely the end game. That is the only way democracy can work.

When our citizens vote, they don’t want to sign on to a proposition they are ignorant of. They want to know and will read, listen to the news, talk with their neighbors, in order to be informed.

The council took away their opportunity to puzzle out their feelings. Remember, folks knocked on doors to get the required signatures. They explained to their neighbors the premise and answered the questions that were the same as those asked at the council. These citizens want to know how their feelings align with others in their community. Now they will not. I think that both the people that answered the knock and those who did all the knocking feel snubbed.

I am disappointed. A tally in April would have been very exciting. How do I align with my fellow citizens? How will citizens feel about getting involved with issues on a grassroot level in the future? Well, being snubbed does not energize a person. Council, don’t do our job for us.

Mary Podzilni,

Town of Wescott