Family and friends remember Al Tauchen

Farming motivated town of Hartland resident

Leader Staff

Family members and friends this week mourned the passing of Alan Tauchen, who was the impetus for the Tauchen Harmony Valley farm in the town of Hartland.

Tauchen was also a past chairman of the town of Hartland and been serving as a supervisor.

But it was the farm that motivated him ever since graduating from Bonduel High School in 1976.

“That was his passion and his biggest love,” said his brother, Gary Tauchen.

The Tauchens had a small hobby farm a half mile south of Shawano Lake in the early 1970s.

With no opportunity to expand that 100-acre property, they bought the farm that’s now well known to the community as Tauchen Harmony Valley.

“Alan and my folks are really responsible for this farm being here,” Gary said. “And all the challenges and opportunities it’s brought our family.”

Alan Tauchen served as town chairman in Hartland for 10 years.

“He really got to know the community and meet most of the people that live here,” Gary said. “He was very active.”

Tauchen served on many boards, committees and community organizations, including the Shawano Club, Manitowoc Mutual Insurance, chairman of the ASC, and many others.

It was his family that was most important, though, Gary said.

“He was really a great family man, and they were the light of his life,” he said.

Tauchen was involved with the school’s football team and wrestling.

“He made it to all the games or sure tried to,” Gary said.

Gary said his family appreciates all the support and good wishes that everyone has offered.

His brother’s legacy, he said, is for the farming community and his family.

“He was such a friendly guy and helpful in the community,” Gary said. “We’ll all remember him and hopefully carry on.”

Tom Reihl, who served with Tauchen on the Hartland Town Board, said Tauchen would be missed.

“He was a good guy. He’s going to be very missed by the people of our township,” he said.

John Ainsworth, a county supervisor whose district includes a portion of the town of Hartland, said Tauchen’s passing came as a shock.

“He was active in the community, active on the farm,” Ainsworth said. “He was always very pleasant, a smile on his face. I think most everyone in the area is familiar with the farm operated by he and his family. It’s just a big hole in the community. It will be difficult to fill.”

Hartland Town Chairman Robert Woldt appointed Tauchen to the board last year after the passing of town supervisor Mark Mitchell.

"He was a very gracious guy," Woldt said. "He did his job well. He was good to everybody. He had a kind gentle heart. And I couldn't find a better candidate to be on the town board. I thought he would make a very good person on the town board and he was."