Ballot audit checks out

Canvassers certifying election results

Leader photo by Carol Ryczek Board of Canvass member Lorraine Zehren, left, records numbers as Shawano County Clerk Pam Schmidt reads a ballot during a voluntary post-election audit Thursday. Also participating in the audit are Betty Lohrengel, behind Zehren, and Deputy County Clerk Laure Pecore, right.

The numbers checked out.

The Shawano County Clerk and members of the Shawano County Board of Canvass participated in a voluntary post-election audit Thursday at the Shawano County Courthouse.

The voluntary audit helps assure that both voting machine and paper ballots are counted correctly, County Clerk Pam Schmidt explained.

The audit is part of a statewide optional audit in response to public demand to confirm that votes have been accurately recorded, according to the Wisconsin Elections Commission. The process is in addition to the mandatory voting equipment audit that is required after each general election.

Schmidt, working with members of the county’s canvass board randomly selected Mattoon and the office of state attorney general to count. They checked both paper and electronic ballots.

The audit showed that the votes were correctly counted.

Although most of the ballots have been counted in Tuesday’s election, Schmidt said that the official results will not be ready until next week, when all provisional ballots are added. Three provisional ballots were cast, she said, and will not be included until the voter provides the correct identification. The identification is due to the townships by Friday, she said.