Citizens want Clintonville to renovate damaged pool

Local committee getting community input

Grace Kirchner Leader Correspondent

A group of Clintonville residents is looking for action on renovations to the city’s outdoor swimming pool, which has not been open to the public since a December 2015 bathhouse fire.

The citizens are going from door to door, handing out information and distributing a questionnaire regarding the future of the pool and its possible renovations, said Dennis Lichtenberg, of Clintonville.

“We hope to have the entire city covered by Saturday,” Lichtenberg said Tuesday.

While the bathhouse fire caused costly damage, the citizens’ group thinks the city is taking too long to reopen the facility, which they feel is needed in the community, Lichtenberg said.

“The feedback that I am getting as I distribute the questionnaire is very positive. Most seem to want to keep the pool and repair it,” said Lichtenberg, adding that area parents want their kids to be swimming outdoors and getting some exercise.

His hope is that Clintonville residents will review the information and return the questionnaires with their thoughts and concerns.

According to the committee, renovating the existing pool within its current footprint would cost less than building a new pool. They want the city to move ahead with renovating the damaged pump room and bathhouse and add a new pool liner, if necessary. After that, the committee would support holding a fundraiser or pursuing grants to make additional improvements, such as a zero-entry area, slide and/or splash pad.

Keeping the renovation costs reasonable is key, according to the committee. In June, the Clintonville Common Council heard it would cost an estimated $5.7 million to build a new pool, and Lichtenberg said he didn’t think the citizens would support that price tag.

Each resident is asked to sign the questionnaire with his or her name, address and telephone number and return it within one week to the City Parks Department at City Hall, 50 10th St.

Mayor Richard Beggs has said he will have the question on Tuesday’s council meeting agenda.