Big Changes Happening on August 7, 2019.


Both parties responsible for broken immigration system

Are you as fed up with many politicians as I am?

Do you want illegal aliens who have been arrested multiple times for felonies to be allowed to stay in this country? Really?

Do you want the lottery immigration to continue with almost zero background checks to continue? The Immigration and Naturalization Agency estimates up to 1,000 people with some ties to terrorism have been brought into our country this way.

Do you really want people who overstay their visas to stay without any oversight? Many of the 9/11 attackers did this, by the way!

Guess what, as long as we keep electing people like Tammy Baldwin (who votes against everything and refuses to even try work to solve these problems), Sen. John McCain, Sen. Chuck Schummer, Sen. Susan Collins, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and the list goes on, this will continue.

Notice I am an equal opportunity person. I call out both parties on this. Enough said.

Bruce Watters,