Retired teacher publishes children’s book

Mart Grams’ granddaughter is afraid of Halloween. He asked her why, and she told him it was because of the masks people are wearing during the celebration. Grams talked with her about being afraid of other things, and it gave him an idea to write a book about children’s fears.

In his book, “Grandpa, I’m Afraid,” (published by Xlibris), Grams discusses the subject of fear among children. In the book, he and his granddaughters engage themselves in a conversation dealing with the things they are commonly afraid, of which include monsters, the dark, clowns or people in costume, insects, medicine and shots.

“Children are normally afraid of lots of things,” Grams said. “Parents often do not know how to deal with them and their fears. This book gives readers an example of a conversation between me and my granddaughters to help both parents and children.”

Through the publication of “Grandpa, I’m Afraid,” Grams hopes to make readers realize that fear is a common situation children live through. Grams believes that it is OK to be afraid, but parents should also help their children properly deal with basic childhood fears.

Grams is a retired teacher and a widower in Shawano with two sons and granddaughters from both boys.