Outdoor grill at Charlie’s back in business after fire

Grill destroyed by fire Thursday replaced on Friday

The outside grill at Charlie’s County Market destroyed by fire Thursday was quickly replaced on Friday, allowing the popular the Red Barn that relies on the grill to be back in business without missing a beat, or a brat for that matter.

The Red Barn outdoor grilling feature at Charlie’s, 521 S. Main St., is used by churches, clubs and various organizations for fundraisers.

The Shawano Area Fire Department, assisted by Shawano police, was called out to the grill just before 4 p.m. Thursday.

The person operating the grill had placed sawdust underneath to catch grease from the grill. But the hot grease ignited the sawdust, causing the fire, according to Fire Chief Shawn Borlace.

The store did not have information immediately available Friday as to which group had been operating the barn Thursday.

“There was no major structure damage to Charlie’s or the Red Barn or anything like that,” Borlace said. “Just the grill burned up.”

No one was injured in the fire.