Kitchen Maids working on shawls

Members of the Kitchen Maids Club of the Shawano County Association of Home and Community Education have recently been working on a project close to their hearts.

They have been busy sewing shawls for patients who are receiving treatments at the Fox Valley Hematology and Oncology Clinic located in ThedaCare Medical Center in Shawano. Staff members will use the shawls to drape over the arms and shoulders of their patients during infusions. They are especially warm and comforting during those difficult times.

The service project prepared the group for the reality of what was to come for one of its very own members. A member’s young granddaughter was recently diagnosed with a severe form of childhood cancer and is also benefitting from a shawl and pillow made by member Patricia Arnold.

Members of the Kitchen Maids are planning to continue sewing these shawls and are looking to supply other clinics in the area with their beautiful shawls.