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Doc heading on Cannonball run in September

A very popular destination spot is right in our backyard. If you haven’t been to Doc’s Timeline Saloon and BBQ, you will want to stop in. It is located at W2707 State Highway 29.

There are so many things to see. The gift shop features unique gift ideas, along with a limited selection of motorcycle parts. In the back of the store is a workshop area featuring two workbenches that belonged to each of Doc’s grandfathers. Many of Doc’s tools from his original shop that opened in 1979 are displayed.

There is also a great little antique shop, filled with a variety of collectibles, jewelry and artwork of local vendors. I was delighted to find a wonderful old Raggedy Ann doll there recently.

The restaurant is outstanding. A friend who accompanied me on my recent visit simply loves the Musket Balls (homemade corn fritters rolled in powdered sugar). Their sweet potato fries, homemade soups and blackened salmon Caesar salad are amazing. They have a breakfast and lunch/dinner menu.

There is also a zoo and a museum and so much more, but I would be remiss if I didn’t say probably the biggest draw is Doc Hopkins himself. I can say with all honesty, he is one of the most genuine and charismatic individuals I have ever met. It is evident he has a keen business sense as well as outstanding people skills.

The day I visited with him, he had so many things on his plate; however, he gave me his undivided attention as we talked about the upcoming Transcontinental Motorcycle Cannonball Endurance Run he will be participating in beginning Sept. 8. Doc will be riding his 1916 Harley-Davidson J Model.

Doc commented: “My girlfriend Lyn Jevicky will be riding in a 1913 wicker sidecar, and she will be my navigator. This will be a first for Lyn and she is looking forward to the ride which she is dedicating to her mom Patricia, her guardian angel.

“My daughter, Kersten Heling, will also be a participant this year. She will be riding a 1922 Harley-Davidson J Model. I am so happy both of them will be with me on this exciting ride. We had to register two years ago. They only accept 100 riders. Kersten and I were lucky we each made it in.”

Kersten has dedicated her life to the family business. She worked her way through every facet of the dealership. Kersten’s husband, Shannon, has worked at the dealership since he was 15 years old.

Kersten commented: “When the opportunity arose to participate alongside my dad in the Cannonball Run, I knew it was an opportunity of a lifetime.”

There will be 100 participants in the Cannonball Run from 32 states and 10 countries. The cycles in the race must be 1928 models or older. The pit crews cannot follow the riders on their route. They join the riders at the end of each stage. Doc commented, “Our cycles will be as ready as they can be. We are allowed to take spark plugs, screwdrivers and a few small items in case we have problems.”

Doc’s and Kersten’s pit crew include Kersten’s husband Shannon, Randy Samz, Bill Gzeskowiak and Todd Wilcox.

The entire ride will include less than 10 miles of interstate roads. The ride begins on Sept. 8 in Portland, Maine, and concludes on Sept. 23 in Portland, Oregon. After a week of travel, the riders will have some festivities in Sturgis, South Dakota, on Sept. 17.

Doc commented: “They don’t give us the actual route until we start out in the morning. They keep it quiet so we aren’t bothered or joined by non-participants. These bikes are old, and our speed is generally about 45 miles per hour.

“An Ace Sticker is awarded to each rider for a successful stage completed with no penalty points. This year, like the previous ride, has 15 stages. I participated in the ride two years ago. I collected all 15 stickers. Although I was one of the 16 out of 100 who had a perfect score, I ended up in 10th place. In the case of perfect score ties, places are determined by the age of the cycle. There were nine machines older than mine.”

It will be exciting following our local participants on their arduous 15-day coast to coast ride on Facebook. (Doc’s Motorcycle Cannonball Journey)

We wish them a safe and successful journey.

Question: In what year were traffic lights installed at East Green Bay Street and Lincoln Street in Shawano?

Clothesline Conversation Answer: The traffic lights were installed in 1973.

Lorna Marquardt is a former Shawano mayor.