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New Clintonville sidewalk leaking

Alderman suggests legal action

Grace Kirchner Leader Correspondent

The sidewalk on Clintonville’s Ninth Street that was repaired last summer after months of discussion by the city and the property owners involved is now leaking.

According to Clintonville public works director Kray Brown at the Aug. 14 meeting of the Common Council, there are cracks in the sidewalk more to the side entrance of B & H and would be a warranty item.

According to information released by the city, a metered hydrant was used as a water source on July 24, to spray water on top of the curb and sidewalk apron areas of the Ninth Street vaulted sidewalk to determine the locations of the leaks.

Neither MSA Professional Services, the engineering company for the project, nor Norcon Corporation who did the sidewalk work have communicated to Brown as to a remedy for the leaking.

Alderman Steve Kettenhoven said he was disturbed with how long this sidewalk issue has gone on and thought it may be time to get the city attorney involved.

“When they are not even responding to anything, calls or letters, or whatever the case may be, I think we have to go after them from a legal aspect,” Kettenhoven said.

Brown said he would like another month to deal with the matter before getting an attorney involved.