Oh deer, signs of Christmas are here already

Photo by Leah Lehman A pair of fawns stand across the street from Leader columnist Leah Lehman’s home in Tigerton recently.

It is beginning to look a bit like Christmas around here, well, only as far as deer are concerned. In July, there were two fawns, munching in the wooded area across the road from me, and then again, in the back yard. They had no fear of humans, as I could go outside and take their picture.

There has been a doe sneaking around in the woods across the road, and at times on my lawn, but she is more cautious around people, or cars, so no picture of her.

The flock of turkeys, in the back yard, was another photo opportunity, however, they have great ears, or were more skittish, as the minute they heard the door open, they vanished back into the wooded area out back. I guess I need a silent door to get a picture.

Meanwhile there have been scampering squirrels, even a black one, and bobbing robins. I was overjoyed to see robins, and to know that some survived, after that April blizzard.

My morning glories are in their chaotic climbing and blooming stage this time of year. It is attracting hummingbirds, and yes, even a buck.

Sunday night I thought I was having a hallucination as I looked out my living room window, but, a second look proved that the deer approaching my house had antlers, fuzzy ones to be sure, but they were there. It was creeping up slowly, checking around to be sure there was no danger, and I went for my cell phone.

I thought I could maybe get a picture with that, through the window, just to prove what I was seeing, but I hate using the camera on the cell phone, and for some reason, it did not work. So I went and got my good camera. By then he had moved from the front porch, to the west, so had to go to a bedroom window. However, his head was down, and I only could see his back, and I wanted the horns. I was hoping he would move back, but then decided to move to a different window, and by then he was gone. So no proof, other than my memory.

So that is the status of living in the Tigerton woods, near the Embarrass River ATV Park. Some people think that there would be a lot of noise, and there can be, but only at certain times. Such as the village workers doing some needed work, or the garbage trucks on garbage day, or a Moto Cross race next to the park (going on this weekend). Otherwise, for the most part, it is a quiet neighborhood.

Now that we are in the middle of August, everyone is wondering where the summer has gone. I for one, have spent too much of it indoor due to the heat outside, or gone for exercise at Total Fitness, and even yoga at the bowling alley in Tigerton; or volunteering at the LCFS Thrift Store, and lets not forget sheepshead with friends. With busy days, the weeks fly past, and now we are only a couple weeks from the Shawano County Fair.

Strange, but even with the heat, I can see signs of fall. Sumac branches are already turning red, and here and there is a splash of color in a tree.

Psalm 145:15-16 says: “The eyes of all look to you, and you give them their food in due season. You open your hand: you satisfy the desire of every living thing.”