Gutho still outpacing Bieber in contributions, spending

Sheriff’s race ends for one of them Tuesday

Retired chief deputy John Gutho, who is challenging Shawano County Sheriff Adam Bieber in his bid for reelection, continues to outpace the incumbent in both contributions and campaign spending, according to documents filed this week.

Gutho and Bieber will go head-to-head in Tuesday’s Republican primary. The winner will face Shawano police officer Keith Sorlie, who is running for the office as an independent, in the November election.

Each of the candidates this week filed their second campaign finance reports, covering the month of July.

According to the reports, donations to Gutho’s campaign totaled $1,191 last month, bringing his year-to-date total to $16,375.

Gutho’s campaign spent $3,836 in July, bringing that year-to-date total to $14,133.

Most of those expenses in July included yard signs, brochures, advertising and candy handed out at parades.

Gutho has also contributed $6,310 of his own money to the campaign, which started in April.

Contributions to Bieber’s campaign in July totaled $775, including $500 of Bieber’s own money, for a year-to-date total of $7,810.

Bieber spent $7,751 of that, with $2,225 of it spent in July, since his campaign began.

Expenses listed for July included radio ads and other advertising, hats and t-shirts and Packers calendars.

For one of the candidates, cash on hand for continuing campaign efforts into November will be moot after Tuesday.

As it stands, however, Gutho also has an edge there, with $2,239 in his campaign balance. Bieber’s campaign had a balance at the end of July of $58.

Sorlie had $2,046 in contributions in July, according to his financial statement, for a year-to-date total of $5,197.

His campaign spent $600 of that in July for a year-to-date total of $3,199.

His cash on hand balance at the end of July was $1,998.

Further campaign finance reports will be due in September and October.

The race this year is shaping up to be significantly more expensive than the sheriff’s race in 2014, when Bieber defeated former sheriff Randy Wright.

According to campaign finance statements filed that year, Bieber spent $4,506 on his campaign by the end of July, out of $4,575 in contributions, leaving him with about $69.

Wright spent $4,157 out of $4,474 taken in, leaving a balance of $317.