Lewis signing ‘Remember’ at Beans & Books

Illinois author vacationed in Shawano, Keshena


Laura Lewis, of Aurora, Illinois, will be coming to Beans & Books Coffeehouse in Shawano on Aug. 11.

The event will feature her first book, a murder-mystery novel titled “Remember,” which will be available for purchase. Beans & Books will be hosting the author meeting and book signing event from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

While she has always lived in Illinois, Lewis’s family has been vacationing in Keshena and Shawano since she was a child. With friends and family members owning property or living in the area, Lewis has considered Legend Lake and the surrounding area a second home. She was happy to bring her book to an event to Shawano to share.

“I love the feel of the small bookstores and coffeeshops, so this was a great fit,” Lewis said. “I love that Beans & Books supports local authors and artists, so I am very excited to work with them.”

“Remember” is a novel featuring psychology professor Robert Madigan, who suffers impairment of his short-term memory after a horrible accident. Suddenly, moments that have just occurred are impossible for him to recall.

On his way home from work one evening, Robert finds himself standing over a battered, dead body, and his hands are covered in blood. He has no recollection of what transpired before that very moment. As the police investigate the murder and sort out the details, Robert and his family question the professor’s lost memory. To uncover the truth, Robert must work with the detectives to piece together what happened that evening.

Lewis is a supporter of fine arts — music, theater, and writing have played a part in her life since a young age. She finished her first novel, “Remember,” in 2009, and it was published by Otherworld Publications in July 2010.

Unfortunately, that publisher closed their doors at the end of 2012, and the book went out of print. The years following saw a great many personal and professional changes that have been challenging and have effectively changed the course of Lewis’s life.

Seven years after the original publication of “Remember,” Lewis signed on with Hydra Publications, and their mystery/thriller branch, Enigma House Press. While being a mother and working full-time, keeping up with writing has been tough, but her next new project is not far behind.

In October 2010, she joined her love of writing and theater when she wrote an original family-friendly Halloween show, “Transylvania General,” that was put on by a local theater organization. The show was such a hit that the theater put on annually for four consecutive years. She is hoping to do more stage plays soon.

For information, contact Lewis at laura@lauralewis.net, or go to www.lauralewis.net.