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Condemnation hearing on SIST properties delayed again

Court sets telephone scheduling conference for Sept. 19

A condemnation review hearing that had been scheduled for Wednesday to address two blighted downtown properties owned by the Samanta Roy Institute of Science and Technology has been delayed for a second time.

The Shawano Redevelopment Authority filed a condemnation petition in March against the properties at 214-216 S. Main St. and 143-145 S. Main St.

Shortly after that, however, SIST filed a condemnation review suit seeking to prevent the RDA from moving forward with its plans.

A hearing was originally set for May 24, but was moved to Aug. 1 due to a scheduling conflict in Shawan0-Menominee County Circuit Court.

That hearing was taken off the docket just days before it was supposed to take place so that SIST’s review could also be considered.

Both the RDA’s condemnation petition and SIST’s condemnation review are currently scheduled for a telephone scheduling conference on Sept. 19.

Assistant City Administrator Eddie Sheppard, who provides staff support for the RDA, said he was notified Tuesday about the change, as were City Administrator Brian Knapp and Zoning Administrator and Building Inspector Brian Bunke, who had also expected to be at Wednesday’s hearing.

“As we’re notified of the changes, we’re working with those,” Sheppard said.

The RDA is offering $37,000 to SIST for the 214-216 S. Main St. property, using the figure SIST provided in its own appraisal, and offering $46,000 for the real estate and buildings at 143-145 S. Main St., along with relocation expenses of $28,000.

The Hunan Chinese Restaurant currently leases the building at 145 S. Main St. from SIST. The building at 143 S. Main St. is vacant.

SIST is arguing the RDA has not shown any eminent domain right over the properties.

The complaint also alleges 145 S. Main St. is not blighted. It alleges the city prevented SIST from making repairs to 143 S. Main St. by putting “unreasonable pre-conditions” on permits to repair the building’s leaking roof and other defects.