Big Changes Happening on August 7, 2019.


Sarnwick wants to see healthy future

To the editor:

I have been a doctor in Shawano for nearly 30 years and recently announced I am running for Assembly District 6 as a Democrat on a theme of “Healthy Future.”

While I have heard from my patients for years their frustration with the state of health care, especially the near-impossible challenge of getting decent coverage for small business owners and farmers, what has surprised me is what I have heard since I announced my run.

While patients, as well as people I am meeting at the local farmers market, public hearings and door-to-door, are asking the tough questions regarding how to make a living wage (stop tax breaks for the 1-percenters), gun control (I am a hunter who supports stricter regulations), the environment (real worries about groundwater pollution), the opioid crisis (we need a clinic close to home, instead of jail time posing as treatment) and broadband access (time to funnel dollars here instead of to Foxconn deals), there are two issues that are producing the most bipartisan opinions: entitlement programs and immigration.

For the record, I support programs to help families in need and to break cycles of poverty, illiteracy and crime. Helping others is at the core of American and Wisconsin values. We may all find ourselves in need at some time in our lives.

As for immigration, frankly I have been surprised by those who believe immigration is a crime, particularly from those people who are third- and sometimes just second-generation in our area. The immigrants I see as patients and meet in the community are hard-working and family-oriented. Let’s support them, just as immigrants to our area (our parents and grandparents) were supported not that long ago.

The primary is Aug. 14. Be sure to vote and vote with your conscience.

Richard Sarnwick,