Over 20 years and 2,000 sheep later

Five Star Lamb produces locally raised lambs

Leader Photo by Kelly Hogan Several sheep peek through the slats of a wooden fence at Five Star Lamb. The flock is composed of Hampshire and Suffolk sheep, breeds known for flavorful and tender meat.

Anyone driving on state Highway 29 between Shawano and Bonduel has most likely seen the herds of sheep out grazing in the pastures of Five Star Lamb.

Located at W5729 County Road B east of Shawano, Five Star Lamb was officially established in 2016 by five individuals, Roy Wilson, Lacey Wilson, Doug Wilson, Terri Dallas and Mike Bohm. However, the Five Star Lamb story began in 1991 with a 4-H sheep project when Roy Wilson bought his first lamb to show at the Shawano County Fair.

Roy Wilson and his father, Doug Wilson, began a partnership with Bohm five years later and purchased a few ewes to start their own flock, Corner View Club Lambs (CVCL).

“My family has always farmed, and this project just seemed to perfectly fill a gap in our community,” Doug Wilson said. “We enjoyed helping spark kids’ interest in farming and agriculture who may otherwise not have a chance to try their hand at raising an animal.”

Throughout the past two decades, Corner View has sold hundreds of lambs to local 4-H kids and assisted over 30 kids by providing housing for their show lambs at the farm. Dallas’ family was one of these families.

CVCL continues to sell lambs to 4-H participants today and also sources all the meat of Five Star Lamb, a business venture among Doug and Roy Wilson, Roy’s wife Lacey Wilson, Bohm and Dallas.

Today’s flock is composed of Hampshire and Suffolk sheep, consisting of 125 ewes, Wilson said.

The flock roams in the pastures during the summer months and is kept indoors during the colder months. The lambs are weaned after eight weeks.

The lambs are finished on a corn-based diet, which helps bring out the flavor, Wilson said. They do not receive hormones or supplements. The lambs grow to a 120- to 150-pound weight prior to harvest.

Five Star Lamb sells its product directly from the farm and from the Shawano and Green Bay farmers’ markets. All cuts of lamb are available, including whole or half lambs. Popular items are lamb kebabs, snack sticks and French racks, Wilson said.

Five Star Lamb is also available in the freezer section of Charlie’s County Market and on the menu at Luigi’s Pizza and Pasta.

On Sept. 29, those interested in Five Star Lamb will be able to attend an open house at the farm. Typically 250-300 people attend the open houses, Wilson said.

“We really value educating people,” Wilson said. “Many of our customers won’t purchase from us before coming to the farm. After people do come out and see what we do, they almost always buy from us.”

Along with the open house, Five Star Lamb gives educational tours to many different local groups, including the Boys and Girls’ club, the Girl Scouts and school classes from Bonduel and Shawano, Wilson said.

The lambs from Five Star are harvested, custom cut and packaged at Adam’s Meats in Marion. To reserve a whole or half of lamb, email Five Star Lamb at fivestarlamb@hotmail.com or call 715-304-9483.

“Everyone loves high quality and flavor,” Wilson said. “After nearly 25 years in in the business, our customers know they can find that in our lambs.”