Selling the farm for the best of both worlds

We were always Methodist while living on the farm. When we sold the farm, our veterinarian encouraged us to join the new Baptist church in Shawano. We tried it and loved it, so we joined. We always felt it needed a steeple, so after a time, the opportunity came and we donated one.

When the farm sold, we had not settled on where to move to and we considered a mobile home but there was no place for my folks’ antique dresser and sewing machine. We knew my old babysitter wanted to sell their cottage on Koonz Lake, so we made an offer. They took it. With just a few improvements we loved it.

Then to complete our plan, we bought a mobile home in a “snowbird” settlement in Zolfo Springs, Florida. We moved back and forth as the weather changed. Taking advantage of Wisconsin’s beautiful summers and Florida’s milder winters was the best of both worlds.

Zolfo Springs was known for Pioneer Park Days at the end of March each year. People came from all over to see the steam engines and antique tractors plus a huge flea market. My husband had restored 26 antique tractors when we sold the farm. He was into tractor pulling at Symco and many other places.

He won first place at Symco with his restored 1936 U Allis. So we had been there at Zolfo Springs before. We soon sold the mobile home though and bought a house in Lake Placid. There we joined a big Methodist church.

I started a writers’ club in nearby Sebring and held a Christian Writers’ workshop in the church, a big success. The writers’ club is still going today. My husband died from lymphoma, and I soon moved back to Wisconsin. Before leaving, the writers gave me a big going away party. I was so honored.

I went back to the Baptist church after relocating back in Shawano. They had built a bigger facility, and it is still bigger today. It is known as Hope Community Church with congregations in the hundreds here in Shawano. I’m back home with my family of six children and where I should be.