Why doesn’t Leader cover caisson, gas station signs?

To the editor:

It’s about Memorial Day at the chapel at Woodlawn Cemetery and the service held. I missed the parade, but I did see the caisson, the horse-drawn wagon with a casket draped with an American flag pulled by a team of Belgian horses from Gresham, I understand.

I was very impressed. I was told the Vietnam Chapter 206 did the work, and VFW sponsored the wagon. Awesome sight, unique and so very special. Since that event, I understand it was also seen at the Bonduel Fourth of July parade. Still no picture feature in the Leader. Why not? Don’t they deserve some recognition? I’m so disappointed. Next time, please.

Another wonder. At three gas stations, there are signs — four each around the pumps — saying “Mr. Policeman, please don’t park in our driveway.” Whoa! What? That disgusted me. Who’s got the power here? I think that, too, would be an interesting piece to converse about. Consider this for those who are not aware of it, out-of-town people who don’t pass by or notice.

This gets my dander up. Puke!

Patricia Hesselt van Dinter,