New Bonduel superintendent excited for future

Dawidziak comes to area from Burlington

Evan J. Pretzer

Though Joe Dawidziak has only been on the job for a week, the seasoned educator is excited to be in charge of the Bonduel School District and happy to be working in Shawano County.

A seasoned educator with prior experience in teaching, administration and work as a superintendent before taking former Bonduel head Patrick Rau’s job (Rau left in June for a superintendent position with the Peshtigo School District), Dawidziak came to the area after living in Burlington and running the Raymond School District.

According to Dawidziak, he and his family made the move because he wanted a bit more difficulty, but in a similar setting.

“I was looking for a bit more of a challenge,” he said. “The district I was in was from K-8, and this is K-12 and roughly twice the size of where I was previously working. It is familiar, though. It is a place with similar values and beliefs and the same kind of farming community.”

Through seeing the plain and largely undecorated superintendent office space within the district’s building in Bonduel, one gets a sense Dawidziak has not yet established plans for his time overseeing the area, this is correct. Though Bonduel has faced challenges with revenue due to cuts in state funding in recent years, concerns like this are not on the mind of Dawidziak for the moment. Right now, the father of two boys is observing, plans (if any) for what will come next are due in the future.

“It makes sense for me to get to know the district and community right now,” Dawidziak said. “I’m kind of sitting back and watching and learning how things are done here versus the experiences I am used to. I know funding is going to continue to be an issue across the state and it is too early in my career here to gauge if we need to speak to the public about that. I think I’ll probably have to be asked about it again six months from now.”

When asked whether his children will be joining him in the district, Dawidziak said they’ll be learning elsewhere, not due to lack of trying, but because of real estate options.

“I am biased but my boys are super awesome,” he said. “They won’t be attending here due to us getting a home in Howard. In a perfect world, you’d be able to live where you work always, but a home has to be available before that can happen.”