Big Changes Happening on August 7, 2019.


Where are GOP, Christians on border issue?

To the editor:

Where is Congressman Mike Gallagher on the refugee crisis at our Texas border? Gallagher claims special knowledge of foreign affairs because of his academic work at Georgetown University.

There are international standards for refugees fleeing brutal, oppressive governments and seeking asylum in other countries.

President Donald Trump’s order for zero tolerance has resulted in small, precious children taken from their mothers and caged like animals. Who will change their diapers and give the children loving attention?

The picture of the little child dressed in red, crying and looking up at her mother as a security guard takes his time patting her down will be with us for generations and has gone international.

Where is our hypocritical Christian clergy? They are all caught up on the transgender issue, birth control pills, gay and lesbian rights and abortion. They are for children from conception until birth and then, too bad kid, you are on your own. How Christian are these religious leaders who fail to speak up for these families that are being ripped apart?

The Republicans control both houses of the Congress with 286 seats, yet Trump continues to blame Democrats when his own zero immigration policy edict has created this present condition. This is a moral crisis that defines America. Silence on the issue conflicts with the American proclamation.

Give me your tired, your poor, your humble yearning to be free.

Herbert J. Grover,