Obama wouldn’t get grief from meeting N. Korea leader

To the editor:

It is amazing how two people holding the same job are treated differently.

If Obama had met with the leader of North Korea, he would probably have gotten another Nobel prize, along with being named emperor for life. We now have more jobs available than people to fill them and still I hear people complain. If Obama and the Democrats had this kind of growth, every news agency in the nation would be singing their praises.

MS13 members are being targeted for deportation and Dems complain about human rights. What about the rights of those who want to walk around their communities without fearing for their lives? I am not singing the praises of the Republicans in Congress, as they are slow walking what the voters want.

Both political parties and the media need to get with the program. The people I talk to just want a good job and to be safe without having to be taxed to death or have the government looking at everything they do. Sounds simple enough to me.

Bruce Watters,