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Pulaski schools honor dedicated employees

Five retiring employees and 55 additional Pulaski School District employees celebrating service anniversary milestones were honored at the district’s staff recognition banquet, which was held June 3 at Safari Steak House.

“You hear me say over and over again that it is the people that make the Pulaski Community School District so wonderful,” Superintendent Bec Kurzynske said, in congratulating the honorees.

“We’ve seen firsthand what a difference having dedicated and experienced people makes to our students,” said Michael Voelker, president of the Pulaski School Board.

Experience is important to every organization, and it is particularly important to a school district, he added.

Voelker noted that close to 75 percent of staff has been employed five years or longer, and half have been in Pulaski for 10 years or longer.

“Pulaski is just one of many school districts in the area,” Voelker said. “We know you could work anywhere, and you choose to work for our district and you choose to stay here. You believe in our schools. You care for our kids, and you work together to make this a great place to work.”

This year’s retirees include Bob Coenen, Pulaski High School business education teacher; Lee Ericson, electrician with the facilities department; Alan Wood, fleet coordinator for transportation; Roger Connolly, bus driver; and Glen Kellerman, custodian at Lannoye Elementary.

Those receiving service anniversary recognition were:

35 years: Dave Bentz, Pulaski High School math teacher

30 years: Karen Baranczyk, bus driver; Jamie Hubbard, middle school physical education teacher; Sue Moore, third-grade teacher at Sunnyside Elementary; and Kim Krenz-Wozniak, psychologist

25 years: Deb Rodgers, paraprofessional at Glenbrook Elementary; Joanne Kurowski, computer technician; Rhonda Matuszak, bus driver; and Ellen Melberg, fourth-grade teacher at Glenbrook.

20 years: Randee Lemerond, middle school paraprofessional; Laurie Fischer, high school administrative assistant; Wanda Peters, high school cook; Staci Karcz, third-grade teacher at Glenbrook; Mike Nickerson, high school social studies teacher; Tricia Fullerton, second-grade/LST teacher at Sunnyside; Susan McMahon, first-grade teacher at Lannoye; Terry Manning, high school English teacher; Kathy Belaire, high school paraprofessional; Cheryl Stutzman, accounts payable, district office; Sarah Pautz, kindergarten teacher at Sunnyside; Carrie Wiese, second-grade teacher at Glenbrook; Greg Derricks, maintenance; Mary Neshek, Glenbrook paraprofessional; and Tina Caelwarts, information technology coordinator.

15 years: Sandy Schmidt, seventh-grade teacher; Ted Sarosiek, eighth-grade teacher; Jodie Walker, fourth-grade teacher at Sunnyside; Traci Mittag, middle school Spanish teacher; Megan Mills-Koehler, LST/dean of students at Sunnyside; Trisha Baker Nguyen, fifth-grade teacher at Lannoye; Amanda McAllister, second-grade teacher at Glenbrook; Sandy Boring, administrative assistant, Technology; Sue Sikorski, Glenbrook cook; Mona Kornaus, bus driver; and Linda Schroll, Glenbrook cook.

10 years: Zong Soung, Sunnyside custodian; Lisa Berzowski, reading teacher at Fairview Elementary; Jeff Gosse, high school chemistry teacher; Kare Goodness, high school physical education teacher; Erin Noble, sixth-grade teacher; Sheila Skalecki, fourth-grade teacher at Glenbrook; Brea Murch, speech and language teacher at Lannoye and Fairview; Jean McWey, middle and high school speech and language; Luke Martinson, high school math teacher; Marc Klawiter, Sunnyside principal; Melanie Christiansen, paraprofessional at Sunnyside and Lannoye; Shelly Wellner, district accountant; Teresa Wargo, middle school paraprofessional; Patty Linsmeyer, administrative assistant for transportation; Michelle Nick, fourth-grade teacher at Hillcrest Elementary; Renee Yurek, bus driver; Laura Hickson, paraprofessional at Lannoye; and Julie Woodworth, middle school cook.