Honor corrections employees in coming week

To the editor:

During the week of May 6, we take the time to recognize and applaud the dedication, self-sacrifice, professionalism and hard work corrections employees commit to, reliably every day 24/7. Corrections Employee Week was created by a proclamation from President Ronald Reagan on May 5, 1984.

The role of correctional employees is ever changing. Recent trends of drug dependency and opioid abuse have ravaged even our small community of Shawano. Mental health and drug dependent inmates make a jail, difficult and at times a dangerous place to work. Our staff responds tirelessly to protect each other, protect inmates and above all protect the public. Separating those who wish to do harm from the rest of the public is a task most have not had, or needed to experience.

During the week of May 6, take a moment to remember and thank those who have dedicated themselves to this vital and necessary function of the criminal justice system. They are sons, daughters, husbands, wives, and parents who are not only members of, but have chosen to serve their community.

Administration: Greg Trinko, jail administrator; Greg Nelson, jail lieutenant; Troy Beyer, jail lieutenant; Kristie Runge, account technician; Deb Bekkum, account clerk.

Correctional sergeants: Marv Ninham, Michael Pingel, Thomas Kristof, Dylan Berg and Cory Ladwig.

Food service: Liz Reissman, Jolene Daniels, Debra Hintz, Tammy Horsens and April Norman.

Correctional officers: Susan Ponchaud, Tim Brusewitz, Todd Lohrentz, Deborah Hoffmam, Wendy Hafner, James Wickesberg, Brenda Lynn, Lisa Boettcher, Milt Marquardt, Samantha Williams, Daniel Breutzmann, Patricia Ketterhagen, Kyle Gerhard, Misty Bloecher, Brianna Laabs, Ryan Janka, Christopher Eggert, Joshua Steppe, Natalie Flint, Sean Bahr, Jared Schultz, Jamie Pingel, Emily Ortner, Cody Vigue, Karen Wassenberg, Jason VanDenLangenberg, Brian Hansen, Alexander Sperberg, Emily Bahr, Cody VandeHey, Mallory Parkos, Brendan Barkow, Ryan DeGrand, Amy Bigalke and Kode-Ray Adams

Greg Trinko,

Jail administrator, Shawano County Sheriff’s Department